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this mother board has raid 0 right?

where exactly do you plug the SATA connectors for raid 0 ? in the two black SATA connectors above the red ones or it doesnt matter there will be options for which ones i want to use when i go into bios or install vista or what? first build btw

also this ram will work right?

planning to put 4 of those in it for 4gb.

thanks for your help
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  1. You must check your mobo manual to find the answer :)
  2. The red group. Most motherboards with onboard RAID solutions offer two different RAID "chipsets". The black group is by JMicron and I belive it is hotswap. The red ones are ASUS onbaord RAID and that is where you want to plug it in to.

    When you boot the computer up it will recognize more than one drive in the RAID controller and ask if you want to RAID them. Just click yes and it will guide you though the next few steps. Once a RAID array is set-up, Window$ will install to it just like it was a single HDD.

    Yes, the RAM will work.
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