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First of all, I'm a 'newbie', so when I had computer problems, an acquaintace reinstalled XP for me from what he said was an unopened disk. Well, it turned out to be a Dell disk that needs to be activated, but I don't have a key, and now don't know what to do. What are my options?

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  1. Get keyfinder.exe (from the zip file)(Google it) and invoke it. This will show you the key that was used by the person who installed XP. Then activate.

    You will then probably have to disable WGA: right-click Internet Explorer - Tools- Internet Options - Programs tab - Manage Add-ons - scroll to Windows Genuine Advantage - click it - disable.
  2. Thanks! I tried that, but it said "Unauthorized product key".
  3. That's because the key is either "generated" (counterfeit), or "in-use already", or the unattended key was used, which just gets one through the install only.

    I don't know how to help you any further, but there are other fellas, common to this forum, who will try to help you deal.
  4. keep looking for a keygen or just a key i have tons. Or just download a corp edition so once you have the key in you dont have to register and authenticate your copy of xp
  5. If it was this key: (You did mention Dell)


    That is the "unattended" key used in OEM XP's to get through installs. It will not Activate. And, I don't believe for a minute that any "generated" key will work. OEM keys have a different makeup.

    You are going to have to buy yourself a Retail version. I've seen Home for around $60. If you must have Pro (which a personal pc doesn't need), I've seen them for $75. If you buy it on ebay, make sure it's not used - has to be new.
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