Can 5:1 PC speakers be connected to TV or DVD player?

I have a set of Altec Lansing ADA995 5:1 speakers that I would like to connect to my TV, DVD player or digital cable box. The speakers all plug into the subwoofer and the subwoofer plugs into the PC's sound card.

There is a little twist on that part, though. The subwoofer has 3 of those little headset type connectors. One is green (standard), one is black and one is yellow. I've never used the speakers, but from what I could tell from the Dell website, the two extra plugs all plug into the sound card to provide the full surround sound experience.

My TV, DVD player and digital cable box all use RCA connectors. I think there is also a digital sound connector on the cable box.

Is it possible to use a converter or some sort of cable combinations to connect the speakers and get the 5:1 experience?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Yes, My Logitech X-530's came with a green, black and yellow headphone-like plug to rca converter. It is a small box, the 3 plugs pluged into it then on the other end was the rca connections. I don't know if these can be bought seperatly but check your local audio store they may have them.
  2. Great, thanks for the info! I will check out what is available.
  3. That's great! Gives me an idea of what I am looking for, but I can't figure out the name I need to search for. Do you know the product name that goes with the picture?
  4. yea they came with logitech x-530's. To get it in google images i typed logitech to rca. Hope this helps.
  5. That will not work. Your are feeding 2 channel sound into a 6 channel devcie. In order for this to work, your DVD player and Logitech speakers must be connected using a digital connection, and you Logitech speakers must decode the digital stream, not your DVD player.
  6. If you get a TV card for $70, you can feed the cable into your PC, then plug the PC into your TV. That way you'll be able to watch TV, watch DVD's through your DVD drive in your PC, play MP3s, game, practically do everything you want. Oh, and also in 5.1.

    For $70, cant go wrong.
  7. It is 5.1... I used it beofore and it came out 5.1... It may not be dts quality or digital 5.1 but none the less it is 5.1 sound.
  8. You are just taking stereo and mirroring it three times.

    You can't go from stereo to discrete surround...kind of goes against the Law of Conservation there.

    You'd have to buy a decoder of some kind to take a digital surround signal and process it into discrete analog signals. Otherwise, you are just hearing the same thing from multiple channels.
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