what is the friggin hold up!? New system problems

Athlon 64 x2 5200+
Asus M2N SLI Deluxe
Kingston value ram 2 x1gig sticks 667 in dual channel
EVGA geforce 8800 gts 640mb
320 gig wd sata drive
windows XP pro sp2 and a crapload of updates

I boot up my PC, things load, okay, the background desktop image pops up. And thats it. no icons, mouse will not right click, control+alt+del works after a bit to bring up the task manager but thats it. I am now waiting for the rest of my desktop to finish loading. It takes a while.... 8O

like, seriously, 5 min before the rest of the desktop starts to load.

Mobo drivers are installed, video drivers installed etc. This problem started yesterday. Yesterday I installed Anti vir (which I have had no problems with on my previous PC).

Then these problems.

You know what? I may have to check the documentation, wonder if Anti vir has problems with 64bit CPUs?

What else would cause this 5min delay before I get my desktop?

I removed antivir and that did not do it. Still 5min before my toolbar and desktop icons load!?
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  1. Quote:
    This problem started yesterday. Yesterday I installed Anti vir

    I doubt this is a coincidence, though I had thought AntiVir wasn't as bad as most antivirus programs, but I don't know much about it. Try using the Windows disk to repair your installation? I dunno if it'd help but at least it won't do any harm.
  2. Think I fixed it. Was not the program Anti Vir, but spybot. As soon as I removed spybot and rebooted my PC, it fired right up. Now the question is, why?

    Think I figured that one out too, the tea-timer. I am suspecting it was running a check before allowing the system to finish booting up. Huh... guess I will reinstall both and just not use the tea-timer
  3. I have a similar problem happen from time to time. I finally traced it to a problem with Zone Alarm on my machine. Sometimes when I install a huge program like a downloaded game beta, Zone Alarm gets damaged during the installation. After that, my computer can take up to 30 min to boot up completely. After it boots, the first time I launch a program, it takes a min to load then it runs fine.

    If I uninstall ZA and re-install it, everything works fine after. I have never figured out a way to fix ZA without uninstalling it.

    Anyway, it sounds like you have a similar problem with one of your programs.

    **EDIT**Sorry didn't see your post above mine. There was a substantial delay between when I read your post and replied without refreshing the page. I guess you snuck it in between those two times. :)
  4. hmmm... did not think zone alarm would be the problem, but then again since symantec bought sygate and decided to charge me to use the once free program, I had to use zone alarm. Thanks for the tip. Right now after reinstalling Antivir and spybot, my computer booted okay.
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