My games freeze

Alright, I updated my GeForce 2 to a GeForce 4 on my computer. After updating my drivers I found out my games freeze. For example, in Madden 06, I can get to the menus and everything, except that when it comes into the game it becomes SUPER slow and almost non responsif. It takes literaly 5 seconds on every frame. (note: I can't turn off v sync because the games need it). I recently formated my computer and have installed the new versions of all my driver and directX, I'm not exactly sure what it could be.

If anyone can help it would be very appreciated.

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  1. Please list your System info and all the specs on your computer.
    You dont have alot of virus's and what not do you. Do you have enought RAM? all your software and drivers up to date ?
  2. I did a benchmark test and found out my video card had problems loading textures in the 3D tests(without them I had 400fps, with them I had 0,04)

    It's a GeForce 4 TI 4200, I tried with the latest drivers and the beta ones to no avail.

    Athlon XP 1900+
    512 MB ram @ 133
    Audigy 1 card
    I don't remember the rest
    All with latest drivers and updates...
    No viruses, like I said it was a clean install just 2 days ago

    My temporary solution was replacing the vid card with the old GeForce 2, it now works wonders, but this thing is really weird
  3. no offence but the system sucks man. try all the drivers again and make sure they are the correct ones
  4. No offense taken. I chose every piece myself but that was over 4 years ago so now it sucks ass :lol:

    I tried the 81.98 and the beta drivers, it did not work..
  5. Did your games have these problems with the GF 2 card? If not, you may have a bad GeForce 4 card. Did you try reseating the card to see if that helps (you never know)?
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