XP Home... Hangs at welcome screen...

Ok, I have tried all that I know how to do including spyware and virus scans, hijackthis while booting from a BART cd and such to no avail... Here is the problem...

When I boot my pc and the Windows XP Welcome screen comes up, it will sit there if left undisturbed for a good 3-5 minutes before getting to my desktop. However if I hit the ESC key it goes to the desktop immediately...

My hardware consists of an Asus P5ND2-SLI Deluxe MB, an Intel 630 chip, XFX 6600GT(single) and 2GB of ram. 1 250gb Sata HD and 1 DVD/CDRW combo drive.

Any Ideas?
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  1. Hit F8 after the boot beep. On that menu, choose Enable Boot Logging. Don't hit the Esc key. When you finally get your desktop, check in the boot log on the "C" root for problems.

    I hope you find something. It'll make it simpler to fix. My educated guess, sounds like a driver is not installing.

    You could also run msconfig. Uncheck all your start-up items; reboot to see if you go right in to your desktop. If you do - hooray!

    Check back stuff ONE AT A TIME, rebooting between each until the culprit reveals itself.

    Also, think back carefully to when the problem started. What did you do that day on your comp? This might give some possibilities.
  2. I finally think I found the problem... While checking out something else I noticed that the Automatic Updates were turned on. Being this computer is not connected to the internet I turned it off and next time I booted up it seemed to have fixed the problem! :D :D :D
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