Sapphire Radeon 1950 Pro Overheating

I have, as stated above, a serious overheating problem with my x1950 Pro, I stupidly downgraded from a liquid cooling system to 3 case fans when I purchased it from CyberpowerPC not thinking about the video card being an insane overheating power hungry monster.

I bought the computer in December and I didn't play anything more demanding than Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, WoW, or Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends on it till about 2-3 weeks ago. I installed Neverwinter Nights 2 and after playing for awhile I got weird pixellated sparkles on the screen that wouldn't go away till I restarted. It then escalated to hard restarts or lockups. I tried alot of different things to troubleshoot this problem, but evidently I'm an idiot because while I checked just about every temp gauge first thing, I never thought to use CCC or ATITOOL to monitor the vid card GPU temp. It idles at like 55C goes to 70C after prolonged(30 minutes or more) 2d usage and after 20 minutes in NWN 2 it is pushing 95C. Not sure what the max is because it eventually screws up and restarts.

I have rearranged my room to allow maximum air flow and put it right next to a vent because I've got the AC on right now and every little bit helps.

Anyway, I'm just looking for cooling tips, maybe a hint on what is causing the problem and/or some better cooling systems than the one built in on the card. I'm beginning to be afraid that my card will fry so I've put a ban on running anything 3d till I can get it fixed so any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Use ATI Tool to change the fan speeds. There is a great option in ATI Tool for you to do it. Will solve your problem.
  2. water cooling to... three case fans?!

    w.t.f man. 8O


    try putting a 80mm or 120mm under the card which should help it a bit.. also, if its blowing out of the case, make sure you have cool air going to it. not warm air from hdds or anything.
  3. I refer to myself as an idiot alot for multiple reasons, but I seriously needed to save money somewhere and my more computer oriented roommate told me dropping down would be fine since I'm not actually overclocking anything.

    Anyway, I'm using ATITool and have it set to keep the GPU below 70C and well... it doesn't. I guess I could stuff another fan in there. I'm just confused if the built in heatsink is screwed up or what? I mean my GPU is sitting at 70C right now and The only thing I'm running graphically is FireFox. I wouldn't think that it would do that, but I don't know. Anyway, if you could let me know what the settings you reccomend for ATITool are, I would really appreciate it.

    "Your port of harbor in any storm."
    "No man is so shamed he can hide from himself."
  4. OK, what type of HSF are you using on the X1950pro? If you're using the stock cooling, that's why it's overheating. Stock cooling won't cut it with this card. I have an Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 installed on mine. It's awesome. I have the fan running at "27" at it idles at 42C. After playing BF2 for a while, I only see temps of ~60. You need to upgrade your cooling to aftermarket, or get that watercooling setup back!!
  5. try reattaching it, lap it and put some goo

    is it passive btw?
  6. I had a feeling I would need to get some form of better cooling system on it. It is just stock cooling right now.

    Oh, tehrobzorz I appreciate you taking the time to reply but.... I have no idea what the hell that means.

    Thanks guys, any aftermarket cooling suggestions or other tips would be appreciated.
  7. lapping : "polishing" the heatsink.. the thing on your video card that the fan is attached to? thats the heatsink. you should be able to take it off, now, on the flipside, i can guarrantee you that the surface isnt shiny or mirror like. lapping, is when you use sandpaper and gently " scrubbing" the surface until there isnt anymore machine marks/lines/or until its shiny/smooth/mirror like. then you apply some thermal paste ( goo ) such as AS5 ( artic silver 5). this will almost indefinately drop your temp. the point of lapping is to make sure the heatsink is in proper contact with the video card chip. the goo helps that.
  8. Thank you, I'm not at all familiar with even basic terms and/or abbreviations evidently. I have a feeling I'll have to order off for the thermal paste however. The only local computing anything we have is a Best Buy and it is just... pitiful in size and product. I hate living in the small town.
  9. Sorry I can't help you here and now.

    I just want to ask where the $%$" I can get my Asus X1950Pro temp in CCC version 7.2. I looked around, both under XP and Vista 64-bit version of it and vever found it, even tough I'm in the expert mode setting.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  10. I had this problem with my X1900XTX. If the X1950 pro uses the same cooler, it might be the same problem. If you look on the side of the cooler opposite the exhaust, there is an intake with a bunch of copper fins where the fan draws in air. That gets covered very very easily with dust. My video card was hitting 95C until I cleaned it off, now it runs much much cooler. Check that out first imo.
  11. NightlySputnik, it's under the last option in the advanced menu.
  12. glad to be a help ..

    ( i think :P )
  13. Vash-HT, I cleaned out the intakes on my vid card and it's working fine now. Well, with ATI-Tool set to keep things at 70C it runs between 70 and 80 dependent on the game. I think that is acceptable. I may turn it down to below 65 and see if I can keep it a little lower than that. I just hope I don't need to clean it out every day or so. I wouldn't mind once a month or so, but if it's daily I'm just buying a better cooling system.
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