Will Microcenter give me a refund or for a 4 month old psu?

I bought an inland 500w power supply for $40 to use with my last build in the late June/ early July time period and have since upgraded my power supply. Is there any way I can return the power supply to microcenter for instore credit? The power supply is working fine and has all the connectors. If this or a similar scenario has happened, please tell me how it ended up for you :D thanks!
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  1. Common sense tells me if you bring it back in an unused condition, that is in a sealed packaging, they would but if you have used it for 4months no retailer would take it except there was something wrong with it and then only for direct replacement.
  2. If it is not working, burned and out of shape, it would be a totally different story. They will give you refund with compensation as soon as they can get you name and details.
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