Gwt WinXP Pro SP2 to use DMA

I'm running WinXP Pro SP2 on a Dell XPS-T700r / Powerleap 1.4GHz Celeron. I tried to reinstall my NEC 1100A DVD+RW and WinXP insists on using PIO. I used Device Manger to uninstall and reinstall the NEC, I changed the settings under IDE controller and WinXP insists on using PIO instead of DMA. All three other drives are set to DMA (CD-RW and 2 WD Caviars). The DVD and CD-RW are on the IDE channel with the DVD as master and CD-RW as slave. Suggestions?

Dell Dimension XPS-T700r w/Powerleap PL-iP3/T 1.4 GHz CPU
768 MB RAM
120 GB HD
Radeon 9200
Cendyne 52X CD-RW
Win XP Pro SP2
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  1. Right. I got Win XP Pro to set my NEC 1100A to DMA mode by uninstalling both the promary IDE controller and the NEC, and then rebooting. Check out for a series of Q&A on this and related problems.
    Now if I could only get the NEC Firmware updaters to find the drive.
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