Windows media player 10 problems

My WMP is running very bad. The buttons on it dont work and i can't control the volume, and i can't rewind it. The only thing that does work is the video. I tried reinstalling windows and that didn't work, I tried pretty much everything, Maybe it's just my computer? :? :? :? :?
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  1. Wow, you reinstalled windows just to get windows media player to work. Didn't think that one through did you? Your computer should run media player fine...try reinstalling media player, not your whole dang OS.
  2. WMP 10 is buggy. Uninstall and go back to version 9.
  3. Yo crizazykid2, i already tried that, i reinstaled WMP and that didn't work, If you have anything else to complain about, go ahead
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