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A friend of mine is having some Firefox issues. I'm posting some of his issues here (Apologize if it is a little confusing...I'm cutting and pasting multiple posts):
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So...all of a sudden I can't download themes or extensions for Firefox anymore. It works at work...because I was able to update my themes for I missing something? I twiddled with the controls, but nothing helps.

FYI, It keeps telling me to enable software installation. WTF? I've never seen this before.
So...I determined by trial and error if I disable Javascripting, it lets me download the file. But it doesn't automatically load it into the themes folder and run it like normal. Does anyone know if I can manually drop it into a folder?

Does anyone know what the heck is going on?
Hey, I may have found my problem. I don't have anything like this:

Firefox: Tools > Options > Web Features > Allow web sites to install software.'s no wonder I can't incorporate anything into FF. Anyone know where to find this?!
Oh, they're totally there. I didn't change any settings from the defaults at all. But I can't install any browser-based software. Anything Flash, Macromedia, etc--I either need to have it grandfather'd in from having it on IE, or I can't install anything.
"Software installation is currently disabled..."
So, I tracked it down to the "enable javascript" box. If it's checked, I can't download anything. If I uncheck it, I can download stuff--but it won't install any themes, extensions, or anything. Anyone understand this javascript stuff?
Well, like I said, I think it has to do with my Java stuff being screwed up. I was able to install a new version, but it's brought me back to an OLD problem.

Though I'm the Admin, my computer still denies me Admin status from time to time. In this case, it turns out that Java for Firefox is disabled--which is preventing me from running/downloading things.

As I mentioned to Matt the other day, certain programs won't install on my computer because I--you guessed it--don't have Admin status.

There's only ONE account, it's me, and it's listed as "Computer Administrator." Is there any way to give me further control of my compy?

This is driving me nuts. I mean Firefox has all these nice features...but I keep finding myself switching to IE again just to download things.
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Any ideas?
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