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I've never built a DRV PC before, but am looking into it in the near future.
I'm planning on using my old case, an old Antec. My old MB and my old HD, 120GB WD w/ 8MB cache. So far this is what I have spec'ed. I'm trying to get this as cheap as possible and do a good job as a DVR.

CPU: Celeron D 331. $36. I've always tried to stay away from celerons, but for a DVR I think this should be fine.

Memory: cheap Corsair. 64.99 a GB, nothing special.

Video: GeForce 6200 LE. $33.99. Cheapest I coiuld find with a TV out. there will be zero gaming with this comp. (have my main for that).

PSU: Seasonic 330W. $59.99. Don't mind paying a bit extra for a quality PSU.

TV Tuner Card: Hauppauge WINTV-PVR-150. $71.99. Seemed to have good reviews.

WiFi: D-Link DWL-G520. $38.99. Went with a 108Mb to go along with my 4300.

I may upgrade the HD if space becomes a concern, but I can do that when ever.

This will most likely be placed in my bedroom so noise is a factor. Was thinking of a possible case switch, maybe to a Sonata II but that will add about $55 if I use the Antec PSU instead of the seasonic.
The other thing I was wondering, if I underclock the CPU will a passive cooler be enough.

Another possiblity is a MB with onboard video if it had TV out. Was't one that I could find, but it would save me on video card and WiFi card, I have 1 but it is PCI-E and the MB I'm planing on using doesn't have any PCI-E slots.

Let me know what you think, haven't tried this type of build before.
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  1. The PVR-150 is a very good choice, I'm happy with mine. It does most of the work through its hardware encoder so your CPU doesn't have to be very good.
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