E4300 @3Ghz with Zalman 7700Cu

Hi everyone,

I have a Zal 7700Cu cooler on my e4300 and temps are 30c idle and 55c load (Tcase) at 3Ghz (9*333).

Is it worth getting a new cooler? CompuTronix has a AC Freezer 7 and he is at 3.6Ghz on a e6600. Is this cooler any good? What Should I get?

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  1. If you read CompuTronix C2D guide:

    The temp scale shown below illustrates the normal ~ 25c range between Idle and TAT @ 100% Load, and the typical ~ 15c difference between Tcase and Tjunction on an example system overclocked with 1.45 Vcore. 50c Tcase and 65c Tjunction are safe and sustainable temperatures.


    --70--/--85--85-- Shutdown
    --65--/--80--80-- Throttle
    --60--/--75--75-- Hot
    --55--/--70--70-- Warm
    --50--/--65--65-- N
    --45--/--60--60-- O
    --40--/--55--55-- R
    --35--/--50--50-- M
    --30--/--45--45-- A
    --25--/--40--40-- L
    --20--/--35--35-- Cold "
    ~CompuTronix - Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

    You go from Normal to Warm.
    Unless you are going up from where you are... why bother.

    On the other hand if you want a good HSF site see:
  2. I'm wanting to go as fast as possible. Any suggestions??
  3. In SPCRs tests the new king of the hill is the Thermalright Ultra-120 followed by a close second Scythe Ninja.
    http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2082&page=4 (Scythe not listed in frostytech listing)

    The other well reviewed HSFs are the Enzotech Ultra-X HSF but it is VERY heavy (895g) and the Scythe Andy Samurai Master (light) for downward blowing HSFs
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