Windows FD?

Just wondering if anybody have heard about this version of Windows. I saw this installed on my school's laptops and was amazed because I've never knew there was such a thing. Until I came home and did a little research on it then I discovered that it's actually a modified version of Windows XP and is not legit. I am just wondering if anybody else knows anything more about it?
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  1. I just did a quick Google search because I've never heard of it before, and all that I could find is that it's just an illegal hack-ed up version of Windows XP with some extra crap installed by default being spread around through illegal file sharing. **shrug** Nothing special as far as I can see, other than it being a pirate's delight.
  2. I had a copy at one time....gave it away. FD works if all you're gonna do is play games and surf the net. The problem lies in the fact that it is based on such an early version of xp, and that it's literally been hacked to pieces. Majorly noticeable problems with chipset compatability (only seems to install on Via and nvidia based motherboards, intel chipsets seem to crash the install), and all your optical and hard disk devices will be identified in device manager as scsi devices, and as a such won't exactly communicate properly. It is very evident when trying to use Nero Cd speed as the program cannot communicate with the optical device. So many other little glitches and bugs make life bad for the person who must actually rely on it for an operating system. One big plus is that it includes WinRAR and the complete MS Ofiice 2003.

    Honestly though, it's not worth the effort.
  3. thnx
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