Fans turn once... PLEASE HELP!!!

Hey guys,

I just got all my components and when I've hooked all the stuff up, it doesn't power on. Basically, I see that the mobo LED is on but when I click on the power button, I see all the fans in the case turn once but that's it. All the fans, the PSU fan, the 2 case fans and the CPU cooling fan turn once and that's it. It happens everytime I turn on.

Did I burn my mobo or something? I really hope I didn't cuz that would suck major cow balls.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Give us a list of all your componants, and maybe we can help. However, this problem has been covered ad nauseum threwout the forum. Try searching the forum as you wait for a possible reply after you give us your hardware specs.
  2. Case - Cooler Master Centurion $45
    PSU - Cooler Master R550W $60
    Video - EVGA 7600GS $85
    CPU - AMD x2 4600 (65w) $125
    RAM - 2gb (2x1gb) G.Skill DDR2 800 $150
    Mobo - ASUS M2N-E n570 Ultra $93
    HD - WD 250gb $70
    DVD - Lite-On 18x $30
    KB&M - Microsoft Wireless Combo $37

    That's my current setup. I'll look through the forum also.
  3. And also, the connector from the power switch on the case to the mobo, I think the first time i hooked it up, I may have switched the ground wire connector and the power connector. Maybe that could have burnt the board out. But what's bugging me is that the fans all turn one rotation everytime I switch it on so I don't know if the board is fried or if I'm missing some connections. Ugh.....
  4. Reversing ground (white) and power (color) on power switch is a null, same for reset. Has no effect on the board electrically.

    Check to make sure you have good contact with the cpu/ heatsink. make sure your RAM is seated fully. Also make sure all power supply connections are made to mobo. I would disconnect the drives for now. If it works then, you have misconfigured your drive settings.
  5. Ok, I'll unplug all the drives for now and switch it on. When I first switched it on, I smelled something burning too. That's what kinda scared me. But like I said, the idiot fans keep turning once so I don't know whether the board is fried or not. Thanks for the help. I'll repost in a sec once I unplug the drives.

    edit: Ok, I unplugged the drives. Rechecked the RAM. Still all the fans spun once as before. Gahh... driving me nuts!
  6. if you smelt something burning, you did! Question is, what? something must have been shorted.

    Did you assemble everything in the case? If so, take it out and lie the mobo on the bag/wrapper it came in, and try your power up. You mite have over-tightened a mouting screw, or are shorting some other place.
  7. I assembled the CPU and the RAM outside the case. I didn't tighten the screws since I read that they shouldn't be that tight. So I should just connect the power to the mobo outside the case and power it up? Will try that too.
  8. IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!! Ok, I took it out of the case and it's working. So now time to see what's shorting it out. THANKS A BUNCH DUDE!
  9. Once you find your short (you may have to use those little red insulating washers on the bottom side of your mobo (will have to buy somewhere), and place your mobo back in the case... SNUG your screws down. Make sure you don't have any extra standoffs not being used contacting the bottom of the motherboard also.

    Oh, and your welcome!
  10. These problems are almost always from a short on the bottom of the motherboard :) Good to hear you got it working.
  11. yeah, if there is a mobo tray it can short against that. Glad to see it is working.

  12. well handled Guys This same problem comes up a lot and doesn't get solved properly kudos to you all.
  13. I didn't go and buy anything as yet but just didn't tighten the screws that much. I've installed XP Pro right now from my previous PC. It's working fine so far except XP messed up a bit during install and Outlook Express didn't come along properly. So now, a second clean install. Looking really good though.

    Thanks for all the help. I'll repost again once I've installed everything and get it running fine. Maybe try out a few games and see how they stack up to my laptop <wink> <wink>!
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