e4300 @ 3Ghz with Zal 7700Cu

Hi everyone,

I have a Zal 7700Cu cooler on my e4300 and temps are 30c idle and 55c load (Tcase) at 3Ghz (9*333).

Is it worth getting a new cooler? CompuTronix has a AC Freezer 7 and he is at 3.6Ghz on a e6600. Is this cooler any good? What Should I get?

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  1. You get 55C at load and u want a new cooler?

    Your logic escapes me.
  2. That is Tcase not Tjunction. On Tat I'm getting 70c!! I want to shoot for the sky. Bit hard with temps like this..
  3. Can someone help me with a sutible cooler.. Is the AC 7 a good pick? I know what my temps are!!!
  4. Quote:
    As you go above 3 GHz the temps will go up as well.
    That is why I need a new cooler!!!!
  5. Ok ok!

    Get the Zalman 9700 or the Tuniq Tower 120 or the Scythe Infinity.

    But im warning you! Youre not going to get an overclock that will justify buying a whole new cooler. I have the CNPS 7000Cu and i couldnt be happier. When i get my new PC ill buy something better, but this cooler is great!

    Or u could buy a whole watercooling kit for 250$+.
  6. Yeah well, I had the 7700Cu and got a Tuniq... can't be happier. The Tuniq gives me 10 degrees less than the Zalman (idle-load).
  7. Thanks PLGUZMAN..

    Some helpful information at last.. Cheers
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