Help Required - Machine wont boot

Hi folks.. facing a wierd problem, whenever i power up my machine, the Motherboard LED comes on and all the fans start for about 2 secs, then all fans stop working and the system hangs.
After a lot of R&D i narrowed the problem to the data cable connected from the APC UPS to the computer. It connects to a USB port on the computer, if i connect this to the machine then the system does not boot and i get the problem mentioned above, but if I disconnect it, the machine works fine. I have no issues with the UPS as that also works fine, whether the data cable is connected or not.. its only that without the data cable, the UPS is not able to monitor the PC and in case the UPS dies (during extended power failure), the PC is simply siwtches of, instead of shutting down.

This problem started suddenly about a week back, i was using the UPS with the data cable for about a year now with no issues.

I also tried the data cable on all the USB ports on the machine, but all gave the same results. My other USB devices work fine on these ports.

Has anybody faced this issue before.. is it a cable problem, port problem, powersupply issue, UPS issue ????

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

My machine config:
Intel 915G motherboard
Crosair Twinx RAM - 1GB
2-HDD - 1 Hitachi (500GB) and 1 Segate (400GB)
Geforce 6600 GT display card
USB mouse, PS2 keyboard
USB printer (Canon)
USB scanner (Microtek)
4 80mm fans + 1 120mm fan
Zalman 7700 Cu Cooler
Creative Audigy ZS audio card
Colors 450 W PSU
Sony 810 DVD writer
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  1. It wouldn't hurt to try clearing your CMOS.
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