WRT54GS dropping connection

Hi, i'm on Bell Sympatico with a Linksys WRT54GS v5 router. I am also using a speedstream 5200 modem which is connected to the router.

Now, my problem happens randomly, could be 4 times a day or once a week.

Randomly, my router drops the connection and about 30 seconds later the connection comes back online and my external ip has changed. This is really making me mad as i'm running a server with a site and its hooked to a domain, I have to update my domain everytime I want the site to work again.

In my opinion, it shouldn't be dropping the connection. This has happened now with 3 linksys routers and i'm definately sure there's something wrong with them.

I'm using PPPoE. Can any of you help me? And no dont tell me to use a dynamic IP service as I have bought my own domain name and I intend to use it.

Thanks for the responces,

P.S: I <3 Toms Hardware!!!
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  1. I am having a similar problem. I am using a Linksys BEFCMU10 modem hooked to a Netgear WGR614v6 router with latest firmware. At random times the connection will drop for all PCs on the network, and I have to unplug it and plug it back in for it to restore the connection.

    I am using WEP 64-bit and DHCP. Maximum amount of network clients is 1 wired PC, 3 wireless PCs, and a Wii.

    While it isn't a particularly difficult inconvenience to fix, it can be an annoying one.
  2. Yes, does anyone know a good fix or SOMETHING TO HELP ME
  3. Is the dsl lite on the modem going out?
    if so you may need to have the ISP boost the line level.

    My ISP has a lease time of 2 hr's. Have you checked your lease time?

    Most ISP prohibit web hosting, they may be knocking you off based on traffic. Dyndns has a service that will auto reset you IP address when it has change. So your domain will always be available.

    And Modems can overheat and drop a connections. DSL takes longer to reconnect than cable or FIOS service.
  4. No the modem doesn't cut out..it's just the router I think.

    How do I check my lease time?

    I doubt they're kicking me off because of my web hosting as this has been happening for over 4 years and i've switched 3 different routers because of it.
  5. There are 2, 1 for WAN (isp), 1 for lan.

    They should be under basic setup screens. The WAN side should have a status page. The LAN side (pc) should have it on the port settings. It is controled by a setting in the router. All of these are on timers.

    It Could be that your ISP is re-booting their equipment, this will show up at around the same time every day.
  6. The router belongs to me. I bought it and it's not theirs. So they can't be restarting it.
  7. When they reset their end it knocks you off, then your side need to reestablish connection. Like their DHCP server, od DNS, reboot a switch.

    There are a lot of hardware that can knock you off line, your router is just a end node to a very huge network.
  8. So what should I do?
  9. If it's not you, you need to contact your ISP and complain. But you need to prove it not your equipment, like a direct connect modem to pc. If it drops like that it either the modem or the DSL line may be dropping low on load. It going to be hard to tie down.

    Check to see if your ISP does any band width control. Some will know you off forcing you to re connect after a certain amount of data. Look closely at your routers logs. set it to log errors and warnings. This goes for all equipment you own.

    Particurly if its random it going to be hard to track down. till you can reproduce the error.

    Good luck
  10. Ok i'll probably try the modem to computer thing. Might be hard to do though since my family are computer geeks :oops:
  11. Connect the modem through yours and setup a bridge for ICS. Then all can use it.
  12. What is that exactly? And then why is a router better if I can just use that?
  13. ICS (Internet connection sharing) this will allow you to share your direct connect via modem to your pc. Requires 2 nics or if your modem can take USB, USB and 1 nic.

    Just options to help you continue using your hardware while you test your hardware.
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