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Im having some DNS issues with Name->IP and IP->Name translation, iv tried everything but nothings changing - if i ping another computer by name it will get a response via the modem (or my host - a 203.xxx.xxx.xxx address) rather then my server and its slowin things down.

So how do i configure DNS properties on the server (things like "listen on", fowarders, root hints, recursion?, and for DHCP, should i point dns to the server AND the modem, or JUST the server? (which the internet doesnt work then ATM).

So yeah - DNS total reconfig - need help!

OS - Windows Server 2003 Ent.
ADSL Modem -
Server -

DHCP Settings:
Gateway - (modem)
DNS1 - (server)
DNS2 - (modem)
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  1. It slows down because your FQDN isn't being used right.. it's going over NETbeui.

    DNS should point to the server, then forward out to your Router or to your ISP's DNS.

    On your computers, running 2k or XP, under TCP/IP props, DNS, check the bottom 2 boxes, the top one should be unchecked.

    Run a ipconfig /refreshdns (I think that's the command) and then try it out again.

    Recursion can point out to your ISP's DNS if you don't want to use forwarders. Test it to make sure it works as your ISP might not allow it.
  2. iv configured dhcp to set dns as (server) and all client machines use it and iv added fowarders as my ISP's dns, and iv also tried my modem's ip and no luck, and iv tried the do not use recursion option and still i cant get the internet working, iv reinstalled a fresh install of DNS on the server and no luck - whats wrong here?
  3. ah never mind i got it going - i tested it with another machine and it works so its reinstall time for my server.
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