Graphic card upgrade (which one to choose)

I have a server motherboard which has an onboard graphics chip that performs quite slowly. I would like to get a pci or pci-x graphics card that can do a little better in the range of 50$. I googled a lot and found nothing decent. I would like something that can do at least 5 billion textures/sec. That should be reasonable as the high end geforce 8800 can do 37 billion textures/sec.

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  1. Dude welcome to the forums , but seriously rephrase your question or give a different criteria rather than x amount of pixels etc

    What games you want to play if you just want a simple graphics card just go to

    Select a card and then i can help you out :)
  2. Sorry to tell you but if all your mobo supports is PCI or PCI-X then your choices are pretty limited. Also PCI cards tend to be more expensive than AGP and PCIe cards but $50 might be doable depending on what you are using it for. But first we're gonna need to know what you're using the system for before we can recommend anything ...
  3. nvidia GF2 pci, if you can still find one, it will beat the pants of integrated (maybe) but sucksa compared to anything new
  4. I haven't been able to find anything decent. Only these two cards, and the specs are awful. They do only 1 Billion textures/sec and that I think is quite low. Isn't regular 32 bit PCI able to handle more?

    Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 PCI 128/256MB 50/75$ 1 Billion textures/second
    ATI___Radeon___9250 PCI 128/256MB 50/75$ 1 Billion textures/second
  5. Actually the radeon 9250 is a pretty capable card . I have it in my laptop and i can play quite a few games on it , although not the recent ones .
  6. What do you plan to do on the server, cad work? Games?
  7. the 9250s are a nice card, i think they would probably be the best card for pci you can find.
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