0x24 Error on Non-Boot HD. CHKDSK reports unrepairable parts

Hi guys,

I'm having a problem with my system. I've narrowed down the problem, to one of my storage drives. It has 2 partitions, E & F.

I have 3 AT100 IDE HD's(One XP Boot drive, & Two Storage Drives). And a CDRW/DVD Combo Drive. Everything was working fine when they were all mounted on the Primary & Secondary IDE Controller.

I tried to defrag one of the partitions of E&F Drive,...and Disk Defrag locked up shortly after it started. I had to End Task,...and eventually it stopped. Thought nothing of it,...and proceded to try and mount that drive on the Via Raid Controller on my mobo. It Can be used as Non-Raid IDE Controller.

Then I found that windows xp would only boot if I disabled the Via Controller. When the Via Controller was Enabled,...I would get Stop 0x00000024 Error BSOD. This is the controller that the problematic HD was mounted to.

When I try to boot in Safe Mode,..I get Stop 0x00000050 Error BSOD.

So I then booted from XP Home CD, and went into Recovery Console. I did CHKDSK /r/p on all drives. The E&F Drive would get this error;
"One or more Unrecoverable Parts found". Or something like that.

Is there anything else I can try to get my HD to work without formatting?

Just to clarify,...This is NOT the HD with XP installed. It is an extra Storage Drive. And everything was working perfectly fine untill Disk Defrag locked up. And I tried mounting that drive on a different IDE Controller embedded in my mobo.

Here is my system/specs
-P4 2.4C 800fsb
-P4P800 Deluxe
-3 Seagate ATA100 7200 HDs. 2x80gb, and 1x40gb
-Windows XP Home SP1
-LG CDRW/DVD Combo Drive
-ATI 9800 Pro 128
-ATI TV Wonder Pro
-M-Audio Delta 1010 Sound Card
-Uneec 330w PSU

Thanks for any help
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  1. Try this:

    Go into Device Manager and delete that controller that the problematic drive is on. Reboot. XP will rebuild the drivers for it.

    But, you may be faced with a failing drive.
  2. Thanks PSCowboy,

    I've already tried that, as I thought this might be a Driver issue when it first happened.

    If I uninstall that Controller Driver,...Windows boots. But my drive is not seen obviously. And windows does not rebuild the driver. I have to install them. I've tried installing the drivers directly from Via. And I've tried installing the Via Controller drivers from Asus for my mobo.

    Either way,....I am prompted to reboot after driver install. Then the BSOD Error occurs again. Then xp will only boot if I unplug the Drive, or disable that controller.

    I don't know why that drive would fail. It was working perfectly fine for over 2 years. I have a feeling that this problem started when Disk Defrag locked up my pc while defragging that drive.

    I will try to format it in windows recovery mode. But I was hoping that someone might have a solution for me before I lose that data. I'd prefer not to lose it. But if I must,....Oh well. I'll hold off for a while in case someone can help with this.

    I appreciate the help.
  3. I doubt Disk Defrag hurt you. My educated guess is, it froze because something happened to the drive.
  4. Quote:
    I doubt Disk Defrag hurt you. My educated guess is, it froze because something happened to the drive.

    So you don't think a Format will work? I'm just gonna try that. I'd like to keep the data,...But there doesn't seam to be any other option.
  5. Wait for some more responses. There are some talented techies out there.
  6. My PC has been acting weird since this all started.

    I Did notice that there were a couple errors on one or two of my other drives while doing CHKDSK in Recovery. But CHKDSK seamed to fix it.

    And sometimes when I would restart,...I would get "Overclocking Failed, press F1 for set up or F2 to load default". When this happens, the system is Not Overclocked. The temps are fine. And going into setup and changing everything to default results in same error. I have to press F2 to load defaults for it to restart again normally.

    And just last night, I turned on my pc and I got "NTLDR is missing". As if I tried booting from the wrong drive. So I went into Bios Settings, and found that it had named my Primary OS drive something Different! And it wasn't even an option for Boot Priority. After I turned power off and on again,...It booted normally :?:

    I hope this isn't a bigger problem than I thought.
  7. Well,...It seams as though I was wrong about something.

    When I go into Recovery Console, with XP CD,...It doesn't recognize my drives. It only recognized my 2 Partitions on my Primary Boot Drive, and my CDRW/DVD Combo Drive.

    C: is the partition that XP is on. And I know that D: is the other partition on that drive, because it calls it by the same name I named it(Storage).
    And E: is my CD/DVD Drive. E: is the one that gets the "Unrecoverable" errors. Which seams weird to me.

    I've tried entering F:, G:, H:, and so forth. And the recovery console doesn't recognise these.

    When everythig was working,...This is how my drives were configured in Disk Manager;

    -Primary OS Drive
    Partition 1 = C which is the XP partition. 15gb's
    Partition 2 = D which is Storage. 60gb's

    -CD/DVD Drive = G

    -Storage Drive 1 = H: 40gb's

    -Storage Drive 2
    Partition 1 = E, called Audio. About 34gb's
    Partition 2 = F, called Video. About 40gb's

    Right now,...Both Storage Drives are on the Via VT6410 Raid Controller. They are both Masters on their own Port.

    Storage Drive 2 is the one causing the problem. I get Stop 0x24 error when it is installed anywhere in the system.

    Anyone know how I can access it to do CHKDSK, or even Format if I must? How can I get Recovery Console to recognize it?

    I've heard That Knoppix might work. I might try that.
  8. Knoppix didn't work.

    "Knoppix Filesystem can't be found. Opening (Very Limitted) Shell"

    Someone Please Help :cry:
  9. Try this:

    Boot with the XP cd. Get yourself to the Recovery Console by pressing R.

    Invoke: chkdsk e: (or f) /r

    Chkdsk is available on the cd.
  10. Quote:
    Try this:

    Boot with the XP cd. Get yourself to the Recovery Console by pressing R.

    Invoke: chkdsk e: (or f:) /r

    Chkdsk is available on the cd.

    Thanks man,

    I tried that already though. It doesn't recognize the drive. I checked to see what drives it Was recognizing, and it only sees my Boot Drive Partitions & My CDR/DVD Drive.

    C & D are the two partitions on my OS boot Drive. I did chkdsk /r on these and everything is well. There might have been an error,...but chkdsk fixed them.

    And I found out that Recovery Console has named my CDR/DVD drive as "E" for some strange reason. It's "G" in Disk Manager.

    This drive(E) has unrecoverable errors according to chkdsk. Which I found odd since it's the CDR/DVD drive. :?:

    Recovery Console doesn't recognize any other drives on my system. Not even the extra drive that IS working. So I can't do chkdsk on the problem drive. I've tried F, G, H, I, etc,....It just says no Drive Present, or something like that.

    I don't know what else to do here. Thanks for trying to help man. I appreciate it.
  11. Ok Guys, I have a bit of an update. I know a bit more about what's going on.

    The reason why chkdsk wasn't recognizing my drives in the Recovery Console, was because they were on a different ide controller. And I need to do F6 to install 3rd party drivers. Instead of doing that, I just put the problematic drive back to the Main Ide controller so I wouldn't need a driver.

    When I did this, and tried booting from XP Home CD...I would get Another Stop Error. This time it was 0x00000050. Page Fault in Non Paged Area.

    So,...When the problematic drive in anywhere in the system;
    -I get Stop 0x00000024 Error when trying to boot normally
    -And I get Stop 0x00000050 Error when trying to Boot From XP Home CD

    So I can't get into recovery console. Now what can I do?
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