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Hello, my Windows 7 hanged today after I moved my SoundCard on the PCI slot, and got Bluescreen hardware error, I tried restarting the computer, now it just hangs on Windows 7 is Loading screen. I dismantled the computer, I think its ruined, but I have an alt computer and Im asking for any suggestions on here, Thanks.
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  1. have you tried taking the sound card out and boot into windows?

    if that worked turn off the computer, and put the card back in. does it boot now?

    moving the sound card to a different PCI slot can have let to a hardware conflict.

    if it still does not work, what happens when you put the card back into the old slot?
  2. I recently just put the computer back together, and my old PSU smelt bad, I didn't think it was a good thing so I put in a 500WATT one, only used for not even a week, and I checkedd everything to see if it was in right spot, almost missed my ram I knew I was missin something. Haha. So I put the ram in, start, it it beeps because its in the wrong slot, (stupid me) I put it in the right spot, go into bios, check stufff, etc, exit, save press f1, it starts up, and is now booting with a weird "Updates Operation" thingmajig. And thanks for your Answer Emerald, if it goes into logon login, Il try and put the soundcard back in...
  3. Put the soundcard back in, started up fine and im logged into desktop. Thanks for everyones suport with this, and my new fear is. My CPU Fan blows barely any air. And the heatsink gets hot on touch, but not repulsively hot. Anyway I can make it think my CPU is super hot and make that RPM Kick in? Thanks.
  4. what is your CPU temp?
  5. Emerald said:
    what is your CPU temp?

    CPU Temp around, 100-150F
  6. It should be somewhere between 85F and 95F when ideal

    maybe around 125F under load
  7. Emerald said:
    It should be somewhere between 85F and 95F when ideal

    maybe around 125F under load

    It could be. But its a Pentium D, and the fan don't work to well, and its Dell so I cant get another fan as their crap is always made so it can't be changed. well, OK thanks.
  8. what dell model do you have?

    you should be able to use a different CPU cooler.
  9. I use a Dell E510, Intel Pentium D 930 3.0Ghz The CPU socket is like, Sidewards, and uh It has this weird CPU cooling mount, and also a special fan input. lol 4Gig DDr2 ram and Nvidia GTS 450 in it xD

  10. Your temperature is very high. Dell will sell you a new cooler for a lot less than a new CPU so I suggest you stop using this system until cooling is sorted out. If your motherboard doesn't like your PCI sound card, try a USB powered external sound box.

  11. Ok it suddenly doesn't like the sound card. But, the CPU is fine. Tempature for Pentium D is normal. And, the CPU cooler is propietary. They won't sell me a new one for a 6 year old system.I'll just fish out 200$ for Amd Phenom II x4 955BE
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