router seems to have been hubified - has it been cracked?

Hi .... I've got a problem with my router.... I'm convinced it's been cracked, although I don't have any problems getting onto the internet...

The problem is that my pc is "on" the internet directly, so the router seems to be behaving like a hub or a switch, not a router.

My ip address is, rather than, like I would expect. Also it gives me no hope of accessing the administration app, which is normally on

It's a wrt54g v2.0.... and I'm afraid someone has cracked it and flashed the rom.

I've tried resetting it, setting my ip to and pinging, but I get no result, except that it changes from "no route to destination" to "request timed out" when I power on the router. I can see the light flashing on the port activity too, when pings are being sent.

I even followed all the instructions on "Bricked! OR, How to Resurrect a Dead Linksys WRT54G", including shorting the pins, but it has made no difference!

Is it possible that my isp could insist that I have it this way? Is it some braindead Microsoft UPnP app that is doing this?

Any help much appreciated, as I'm very worried about being directly on the internet.... I don't trust my software firewall very much!!! :o(


Other details: the DMZ led never lights. When resetting by holding the reset button for 30 seconds, the power light sometimes starts flashing permanently, until I reboot. Telnet to 80 times out.
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  1. And the cable/DSL modem is plugged into the Internet port? What happens if you connect only the PC? Do you get an IP address?

  2. If I disconnect from the internet (and reboot the router), I get the microsoft default configured ip address (, and dhcp renew just hangs.

    Just a thought..... I have set my pc firewall to strict - it is an f-secure.... I guess that could be blocking the return packets from ping.... I'll have to check that tonight..... If I disconnect the internet I can turn off the firewall.

    But still.... I don't see how the router could have a ip address, if the pc gets an internet ip.....
  3. I tried it with ADSL modem turned off.... no difference.

    So... is it effectively bricked?
  4. Did you try setting your PC's IP address to (Netmask Gateway and opening a browser window to to see if you can get into your router?

  5. Quote:
    Did you try setting your PC's IP address to (Netmask Gateway and opening a browser window to to see if you can get into your router?


    Yep (except I used for my pc, but that makes no difference)....
    I tried with http and https... and I even tried with telnet on port 80 and 443, just to make sure.

    Thanks for your help so far....

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