Accidently installed MBR to external hard drive

I somehow installed a MBR to my external hard drive and now it's conflicting with my main hard drive and OS. If I start up with the external hard drive on it hangs after the splash. If I start up without it turned on I blue screen and restart. How can I get rid of the MBR on my external hard drive?
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  1. I would hook it up to a Linux computer or load a Linux LiveCD (maybe Knoppix would work), copy the contents to another drive and re-partition it.
    If you have a Mac, that would probably work too.
  2. remove external
    boot to windows cd
    repair console

    a google search for remove mbr will turn up plenty of useful tools and commands to delete the mbr from the external.
  3. If you follow sandmanwn instructions, you may be able to boot into Windows and you may be able to copy the files and re-partition the drive after Windows is loaded.
    I am concerned about the boot drive changing partition type.
  4. indeed, it can sometimes be a crap shoot with fixmbr.
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