Is the WRT54GL a good wireless router?

I want to get a wireless router to replace my verizon supplied one. I only need to use it for wireless connection nothing fancy. Im focusing on the WRT54GLLinksys WRT54GL

I use the Linksys WMP54G 802.11bg PCI card in my desktop up one flight, an intel wireless card in my laptop upstairs, and a wired connection to a desktop downstairs where the router is. All the PCs are from Dell.

Im also looking at the D-Link DGL 4300which has better reviews but is twice the price. Also the ZyXEL X-550 Xtreme MIMO, Linksys WRT54GS, Netgear WGT624, Buffalo WHR-HP-G54, Linksys WRT54G, Netgear WGR614, D-Link DI-624, D-Link DI-524, Buffalo WHR-G54S,
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  1. I personally don't like Linksys, I had two WRT54Gs that didn't last long before dying. I bought the Netgear WGR614v6 for $40 and it works great with my ethernet, two Dell wireless adapters, a Wii, and one Linksys wireless adapter.

    D-Link is a brand I like as well, I've never heard of ZyXEL or Buffalo.
  2. Linksys has been having all kinds of problems lately, since they cut the flash ram in 1/2.

    Even though it is a Linux their is no room for error, which they have. I would spend the extra money for the Dlink 4300. And make it your main router. If you want just a AP, Linksys to my knowledge has not messed them up yet. But they cost as much as a wireless router, but are better units. I like seperate AP's. Gives your more flexability and less problems.
  3. If your main use is for wireless connection, I would recommend the Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 which has better range and power and costs less than the Linksys WRT54GL. It comes with a 4dBi antenna which is already pretty powerful, and it has a receive amplifier for improved reception as well. The antenna is removable, so if necessary, you can also get a 7dBi antenna kit. You can get the router for $50 at with the $10 Google Checkout discount, which I think is a great buy. The other parts of the router are similar to the WRT54GL and you can run third party firmwares like Tomato, dd-wrt, Hyperwrt etc.
  4. The DD-WRT wiki says:

    "Best range using built-in antenna: Buffalo WHR-HP-G54"

    Yes, the WRT54GL is a good though somewhat dated router, and a valid alternative to that Buffalo, and didn't suffer the hardware cuts the other WRT54G's have had. Its DD-WRT installation might be simpler as well.
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