Change boot.ini for duel OS?

Hi Everybody,

In the next couple months I will be adding a second SATA HD for a duel boot system (XP pro). One will be for gaming, the other for general computer use. When I boot up, I want the system to stop and ask me which OS to load. So I assume I will need to change the boot.ini file in my C drive.

So my question is … What should my C drive boot.ini look like? And do I need to change my new drive boot.ini as well?

Any additional advice on this would be appreciated.

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  1. When you install Pro on the second drive ("D"), with "C" in place, XP will adjust the boot.ini on "C" and give you a menu choice.
  2. That sounds simple enough.. just so I am clear, if I install XP onto a second drive, my first drive boot.ini will automaticly be changed? I don't need to do any changing? How does my first boot.ini realize the other OS and then change itself?
  3. You don't do anything! The second install will adjust the boot.ini.

    You will not see a boot.ini on the "D" drive. This always exists on the boot "C" root with the other loader files.
  4. Thanks pscowboy. It's a relief that I don't change a file as needed as that. I was sweating it a little.
  5. The only thing you might change is the default wait time to select an os and which os is the default. Normal setting is like 30 seconds to select.
    I usually turn mine on and grab a drink or smoke while its booting. I have mine set to 5 seconds and default boot to xp 32 bit. I have 64 bit also.
    To make changes goto system properties - right click my computer - properties
    Goto to advanced tab then to startup and recovery. At the top is the defalut os selection with the time to display settings underneath.

    Note: dont make the display time so short that you cant see the screen. Also dont screw it up its not fun to rebuild your boot.ini file.
  6. Quote:
    Also dont screw it up its not fun to rebuild your boot.ini file.
    Sounds like an ideal file to backup ... just in case. :wink:
  7. So here is my boot.ini I would like my C drive to be the one my wife and I use for general computer stuff. and I don't want her to be confused when the screen comes up so I would like that to be the default after waiting 5 seconds. My other drive (G) would be my gaming drive. What do I want the file to look like so one will be general use and the other gaming?

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
  8. sturm - I just re-read your post - Sorry So I don't need to edit the boot.ini text file? I can just tell it what I want from the recovery screen.
  9. After you do the install, you can add the word Games somewhere inside the second option's quotation marks. This is for text description of the OS. This is the only place you can do this. INSIDE THE QUOTATION MARKS.

    First, make a copy of the boot.ini, and call it goodboot.ini; and remove its' read only tag. That way if something doesn't go right, you can fix the boot process in Recovery Console by renaming it back to what it was.

    To work on it, right-click - Properties- uncheck read only; double-click it to Notepad - add your text - save - restore read only.
  10. I am excited to do this. Any other advice?
  11. after you install the other os, copy and paste the boot.ini file here again and well go from there.
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