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Has anyone tried the SYLVANIA 6900DTD HDTV OTA SET-TOP-BOX

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October 8, 2004 5:09:50 AM

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Supposedly $150 from Sears..?
October 8, 2004 4:55:53 PM

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Denny Crane <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Supposedly $150 from Sears..?

I got one at Sears a while back for about that price. The open box
items were even less. I've had pretty good luck with it, in the
Phoenix area I pick up at least a dozen channels using a Silver Sensor
sitting on top of my TV.

It's a pretty basic unit, and has several quirks that I've had to get
used to. It can't tune DTV channels that it didn't find during the
scan, and the scan process wipes out the previously found channels, so
it wouldn't work well if you need need to re-aim to tune to different

It doesn't have DVI output, and the component output is manually
switched between 480i, 480p, and 1080i via a switch on the back of the
unit. With my HDTV, I prefer to use the native pass-through mode of my
other reciever. I believe the DD audio out is coax only, no optical
out, but you can see all that from the web site.

I bought the unit to verify that I could recieve the stations I wanted
before committing to a satellite package that was dependant on OTA for
HD locals. I used it for a while, mostly with a 4:3 SD set with 480i
component input. Right now a friend of mine has it to test for
reception at his house, and he'll be passing it to a friend of his to
tesst for reception at his place too. People are truly amazed at the
picture quality that is available with a simple indoor antenna and a
$150 box with no monthly bill. Most people I show/loan it to don't
know how bad the PQ on their cable and or satellite locals are until
we hook up the box and a set of rabbit ears. :-)
October 8, 2004 5:21:29 PM

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"Denny Crane" <> wrote in message
> Supposedly $150 from Sears..?

I have one... took advantage of the "use the Sears card and get an
additional 10% off" and got it even cheaper too,

There simply is no better deal in receivers.

1. tuner is good, I have no problems getting my local stations with a cheap
amp'd Wal-Mart Philips rabbit/loop which I don't have to move... I
originally used a unamp'd loop but found that I occaisionally had to move it
slightly for one channel.

2. it's kinda bare bones - no LED channel display on the box - but hey, it's
just a tuner.

3. Menu's are a bit strange but you get used to them, the remote is
defintely low-end and not ergonomically laid out.

4. signal strength indicator is too far down in the menu's (see #3) if you
have to move the antenna.

5. coax only for digital audio out and only component out for HD - so I had
to buy a component switch to add yet another component source to my HD

6. The EPG is good, the current channel is PIP windowed into it while you
are viewing the guide. But it turns out that most of my local stations don't
broadcast accurate ATSC guide information though, so the usefulness is

Since I also have HD-cable, I use mine for backup as well as to receive the
local HD's that are not on the cable yet (comcast contract issues) as well
as to get the local weather radar which is on one of the sub-channels not
carried on cable.

Besides, it was too good a deal to pass up.