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I am looking for so free software that can monitor my temps. I am having problems with my gaming performance. The computer was running Battlefield 2 very nicely and then one day it's all sluggish?!?!

My computer:

Processor................AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.2gig
Graphics..................RADEON X800XL 256meg

I'm thinking that the card is smoked. I came home one day to find my wife had basically bookshelfed the computer by piling a bunch of boxes on both sides of the computer almost completely sealing it from getting cool air.

Any help would be nice. Thanks.

The Mailman 666
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  1. What kind of motherboard do you have? Some motherboards like ASUS have a temp probe program that can look at the diagnostic information (cpu temp, fan speed etc) on their disc

    Or you can just run for a bit and take a look at the temps in the bios
  2. Motherboard monitor
    are just 2 that I know of.
    Do a google search I am sure theres more.
  3. Well, if your motherboard is an nforce4 chipset (which it most likely is), you can download nVidia's nMonitor (aka nTune), which will tell you both cpu temps and north bridge temps. Using nVidia's official software is much much easier than configuring the other programs, especially since I had major problems with getting MBM5 to report the correct temperatures. Also, MBM does NOT support most newer motherboards (they are not listed on the website with known settings).
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