E4300 Temps...

TAT says under full load I am getting 70 degrees Celsius.

Under normal conditions i am getting 50-56 degrees.

I suspect it is because I left the voltages on auto. For an E4300 running on a Gigabyte S3 mobo, with DDR2-800 compatible ram, what should I do?

Oh I am running a 266 processor clock speed, or 2.4 gigahertz.
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  1. Interesting note:

    I set my BIOS back to 100% stock settings, and TAT still says I am getting 50 degrees celsius. In Bios it says differently.
  2. You need to check your cooling. That is very hot for such a mild overclock.
  3. Even without any modifying of the settings, TAT is saying I am running 50 degree temp.

    On an interesting note, BIOS says I am running at about 29 degrees without overclock, 40 degrees with an overclock.

    I also remember that someone said TAT was not working for E4300s?

    Oh, for cooling I have an Antec 900 case with a case fan right over the processor, and then the stock fan with some cheapo Silver Thermal Compound from Dynex, which is a generic brand. ANd I agree, with such a mild overclock, hell would I even need thermal compound?
  4. TAT works on Intel chipsets. You're comparing 2 different C2D temperatures, like apples to oranges, so please read the Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide again, then test and post your variables and results as shown in the Guide.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  5. Like CompuTronix says, read the Temp Guide.

    A simple breakdown (as I understood the guide). The BIOS reads an external temp sensor, which since it's further from the heat source (the CPU cores) it'll read lower than TAT (which reads temp sensors INSIDE the CPU cores).
  6. Ok, followed Core 2 Duo Temp Guide but still have some questions. I ran everything as planned and here are my results:

    I am now running 240 megahertz with a 9x multiplier, for 2.16 gigahertz. I am letting BIOS run on auto for voltage management.

    Without any load:
    TAT says 54 degrees on both cores
    Speedfan says both cores are 39 degrees and temp 1 and two are both inbetween 30 and 33.
    CPUZ says the BIOS automated settings are running the vcore at 1.424. The sped is 2.16 with 240x9.

    On full load:
    TAT (with both processors clicked to 100% full load): I let it only go to 87 degrees on the first core, 85 on the second before I stopped full load testing. This means I have a 30 degree variance, which the C2D guide says is unacceptable.

    Speedfan says the temps for Core 2 and Core 1 are 68 degrees and 70 degrees, respectively (this is the information at the bottom of the list on the right side where readings are listed).

    CPUZ shows the Vcore to 1.394.

    So questionss:

    After reading the C2D guide I am not sure if I understand it, but are these temps highly abnormal for a E4300? I tink that when reading the core 2 duo guide it said that TAT should not go above 85 degrees, but there is was, reading an 87 degree temperature.

    Of note: I am running a P965 chipset, which the guide says is trouble. Could it be the chipset?
    Here are my specs:
    E4300 overclocked to 2.16 gigahertz with stock cooling and Dynex thermal compound.
    Radeon X1650XT
    650watt Xclio powersupply
    Antec 900 case, with another fan located above the processor.
    Ambient temps say 29 degrees celsius.
  7. reseat that heatsink. Those temperatures are WAY too high for the overclock you have.
  8. Are you sure the heatsink fan is running?
  9. Please use this format. It's shown in the Guide twice:


    ...Therefore, when expressing Idle & Load test results, it's also necessary to define the variables such as:


    Tcase = Idle & Load
    Tjunction = Idle & Load, Hottest Core


    Ambient = Room Temp
    Chipset = Model
    C2D = Model
    CPU Cooler = Model
    Frequency = CPU Clock
    Load = Test Program
    Motherboard = Model
    Vcore = CPU Voltage


    Comp 8)
  10. Tcase= 31 idle, 70 load
    Tjunction= 55 idle, 87 load, core 1 is hottest

    Ambient= 29 degrees celsius
    Chipset= p965
    C2D= E4300
    CPU Cooler= stock (I have no idea what the model is, but something tells me its the one that comes with all C2Ds)
    Frequency= 240 megahertz
    Load= TAT
    Motherboard= Gigabyte S-3
    Vcore= it is varying I guess because I left voltage optimization on auto, but 1.424 with no load and 1.392 under load.

    Thanks guys!
  11. of note: I seem to of left EIST enabled in BIOS.

    Would this place so much load on the CPU to achieve these crazy temps? Should I disable it?

    Also, I've been getting past 85 degree temps on TAT under full load, and Core Temp says more like 89 (!). I will re-align the heatsink tommorow.

    A musing:
    If Core 1 and Core 2 inside Speedfan is Tcase heat, than shouldn't it be the same as 15 degrees below TAT's rating for internal heat?

    My thoughts are that TAT is off, I do remember reading some place that the E4300 was not read properly by TAT and henceforth it would post temps 10 to 15 degrees hotter than it actually is (and if TAT is getting 87 degree temps out of the processor, according to the Temp Guide the computer should of shut down). My only thought on that though is SpeedFan says it is lower than CoreTemp and TAT by roughly 15 degrees.

    Realign the heatsink? Remove some excess thermal compound?

    Or is EIST what is messing this up?
  12. From the Guide:


    (K) An improperly seated CPU cooler is the leading cause of abnormally high temperatures.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  13. I have not had a chance to try it yet, but will do so when I get the chance.

    Interesting note: before I took off the fan to put some thermal compound on, I think I was getting 20 degree temps in BIOS. This may be the sign that I am running to hot (as now its 30 degrees and I reset the processor to stock settings).

    Anyone want to provide a newbs guide to installing a fan that comes with a Eseries processor? :D
  14. 24C on the CPU and 27C on the motherboard at idle so yeah you have a problem somewhere. That is way to hot.
  15. Ok, re aligned my CPU and removed some thermal paste as I thought I had to much (question, should, when I take off the fan, there be a layer of thermal paste on it and the processor, or should the fan have minimal amounts on it?).

    Anyway, My start up temps at Tcase are 29 degrees. Tjunction hovers around 45 in TAT, so its ok.

    On full load, TAT reads 65 degrees celsius and CoreTemp reads around 63. Speedfan says Tcase is at about 50 degrees, so its ok.

    My question is now:
    what kind of overclock can I get without increasing Vcore? I think it goes that if I increase Vcore I increase heat right? So I dont want to do that. Could I leave it at about 1.325 or 1.35 and still get temps around this with a 266 fsb instead of a 200?
  16. To estatic to wait, I decided to go ahead and take it back to 240 megahertz.
    Here is what I got:
    Full load produces 70 degrees in TAT, 68 in Coretemp.
    Speedfan reads at about 53 degrees.

    Idle Tcase is 33 degrees, Idle Tjunction is 50 degrees.

    This is not much better than what I got when I first started this. At least I am not hitting 80 degrees or anything though.

    Any thoughts? Maybe sanding the heatsink and processor surface (the metal side that is, not the die!) or "lapping" as its called with some hi grit sandpaper would help?

    It is worth noting that when i started this, I had used a screwdriver to remove the thermal compound that came with the processor, then my shirt. It did scratch the heatsink and processor a little.

    Also, from the Core 2 Duo Temp guide:

    "Tcase (Motherboard Utilities) = 30c Idle, 50c Load (SpeedFan: CPU or Temp X)
    Tjunction (TAT) Hottest Core = 45c Idle, 65c Load (SpeedFan: Core 0 / Core 1)"

    So Speedfan DOES read cores under load? If Speedfan were right and Core 0 and Core 1 are the internal temps, then I am running cooler than I thought!

    Update: I took the processor to 266 just to see what happened. This was my original intent all along, to use stock cooling and get the chip up to 266.

    The computer failed to do anything after that. I got a screen that said (no monitor input) and then nothing. I had to restart the computer three times to get it back to 1.8 gigahertz and to work.

    Whats wrong guys? I am at my ends here. The reason I bought this processor is because I wanted a 2.4 chip but could not afford a E6600. What should I do?

    I flashed the BIOS back to its original settings. I disabled absolutely everything I could find that did not result in system failure. Then I went into MIT and set the Vcore to 1.35 (hang the flashing "Voltage not optimized" thingy"). I set RAM to 2, or 1:1, and set the processor to 266.

    Now it is running awesome. Temps according to CoreTemp are around 46-50 degrees on idle (Tjunction). Speedfan is giving my 32 degree Tcase temps.

    On a full TAT load, dual instances, CoreTemp is giving me 70 degree ish temps, never going over 75. Speedfan never goes over 60.

    This is still kind of hot, so I will lap my CPU and heatsink soon, but overrall its amazing! I have not tried a torture test yet, no Prime95, but it boots and runs fast as all get out!
  18. SpeedFan Core 0 / Core 1 (Tjunction) are offset -15c. Use the "Offsets" section of the Guide to configure corrections.

    Comp 8)
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