Win XP Pro SP2 tkaes forever to load.

Hi Guys.

This is my first post. I have a problem with my WinXP Pro SP2. It tkaes damn near forver to load. It gets stuck for about a minute or 2 at the Win XP Pro loading screen with the blue bar. I do not have any Anti Virus software on my pc. I have Deamon Tools installed and 1 game ( TOCA Race Driver 2). Out of the 120Gig HDD I have 111 Gig HHD left.

My PC Specs ae as follows :

AMD64 3000+(1.8Ghz) OC'ed to 2Ghz
nForce 4 Ultra Mobo
1024MD DDR 400 (2x512 runnid dual)
6600GT PCI-E (500/1000) OC'ed to 550/1150
120Gig Seagate SATA HDD
500W PSU

Please help....

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  1. Run msconfig to see what is coming up at startup (Start, run, type msconfig). There may be quite a few apps starting up. Second, get AV. Also, when was last time you defragged your HD and what are your settings for virtual memory?
  2. site3op - Thanks for you rhelp.

    I found the problem, it was a chipset driver issue. I uninstalled the driver and installed the driver I got with the mobo.

    Now it is running like adream.
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