How to install XP floppy files into a PC w/out a FDD???

Im installing XP Pro on a new computer that has NO floppy disc drive. My XP Pro has (6) floppy boot discs and the OS is on a CD. How can I install the necessary files from (6) floppy boot discs that I have if the new computer has NO floppy disc drive? Thanks for all your help.

PS-can the floppy disc boot files be put onto a CD perhaps?
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  1. are these floppy discs needed for sata drivers or what?
    Is the cd not bootable?
    either install a floppy drive or get a usb floppy.
  2. This won't be much solace, but you should not have bought a pic without a floppy disc drive. My nearly new one has TWO slots in its tower. Because I insisted on them. I need at least one active drive to insert my emg disc!

    The second one is needed because there is a new breed of devices now emerging that use an FDD slot.

    PC makers con the public when they say that a FDD is old-hat. It may hardly ever be used but it is still essential. Sorry for the ouch. Bruce +++
  3. The XP Pro CD should be bootable. The floppies are used in case you're installing XP on a non-bootble CD-ROM drive. (Rare, but it can happen). If you can boot from the CD, then don't worry about the floppies.... they won't have any additional files you need to install XP.

    Floppy drives are becoming a thing of the past, but people still cling tenaciously to them. More and more computers are coming without them, and really... they are not needed anymore. The only thing I need one for is the F6 install storage driver part for my SATA controller. (I thought integrated SATA controllers didn't need extra drivers, but for some weird reason, mine does.) There is a way to integrate the drivers into the XP CD... I just have to find the engery to do it. ;)
  4. do you have a usb key ??
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