Any one knows where I can get a barebones system that...

Anyone know where I can buy a barebones system that meets the following requirements:

CPU Included
Pentium 6xx / Pentium D 8xx-9xx / AMD X2

AGP 8x compatibility
(for my x800gto AGP card, that I already own)

Case & Power Supply included

DDR2 compatibility
PC4200 acceptable, PC5300+ preferred

...or up to $425 if RAM is included

Ships to Canada
(just so you Americans know, that excludes Newegg!)

I've already looked around a bit on Tiger Direct, eBay, froogle, NCIX, and more.

Thanks to anyone who points me in the right direction.
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  1. I don't think there are any decent modern MBs with both AGP and DDR2; perhaps you could find a good quality used one on ebay. Overall, you'll save money by getting rid of your AGP card and moving to a current PCIExpress/DDR2 MB.

    I'd just buy the various parts separately and assemble it yourself (or pay a local to do it). One site you didn't mention was They ship to Canada, and have various specials which are sometimes awesome deals -- you just have to be patient to accumulate the different parts you need.
  2. Fry's ships here to Canuckland!?!?! I'll have to start keeping an eye there.

    Jacob, take a look around here:

    I agree with Mondo, I'm not sure your stated combination even exists. You should consider a piece-by-piece upgrade that'll do what you need. Check this: ASRock-VSTA 775 mobo takes DDR and DDR2, and AGP and PCI-e. Consider getting that mobo and a CPU, you can use your DDR and X800gto for now until you can upgrade more later.

    Seriously, it's probably your best bet. You can upgrade in phases, and have better control over what you want and when you can get it.
  3. lemme guess....$400 on the Egg.........? ;)

    ASRock isn't an upgrade to a dead's 775.
  4. I do not think there is a barebones that exists that will cover your needs. Fortunatly, there is a motherboard that will, and you can build a system around it!

    This is the motherboard you want and at a cost of $83.30. the ASRock 4COREDUAL-VSTA

    It will work on any socket 775 chip, from Celeron to Quad core. It has 2 of each slot for DDR or DD2 memory. It also does AGP 8x and PCIe 4x.

    The CPU, you pick, as long as it is socket 775, it will work. I would try an Intel Core 2 Duo E4300. That will set you back $224.86

    As for a case, I get cheap stuff that has a high wattage rating. I know it is not a good power supply, but it is good enough. NCIX has overpriced cases and power supplies, but you can get them anywhere. Just make sure the power supply is over 420 watts and you should be fine.

    Memory is overpriced. If you wait for the summer, I am certain you will get a better price. I am sure you got some old ddr memory you can use to hold you over!

    I suspect you can get other parts for cheaper when you live. I know my dealer does not stock ASrock boards, but he could special order it. I think it is better to deal local unless the price is really low on the mail order.
  5. Wow thank you all for the help.

    As for my preference for an AGP compatible board rather than a pci-e is because I've purchased an x800gto and haven't even been able to use it yet. I purchased it assuming that it would work with my set up as long as it was AGP -but I was wrong! Apparently my mobo (asrock p4i45gv) doesn't work with any ATI cards above the radeon 9800. I should have done more research when I built this comp, and when I bought that card...

    Anyway, what I'm left with is a bit of a pickle... My budget is too limited to buy a new comp & good video card, so I have to either get a AGP compatible board, or go without a video card for a while (which would be a shame, having just spent $100 on one) - The two lesser sacrifices would be to build my own system, or to stick with DDR memory.

    I've looked around at some of the suggested sites and am pleased so far, I'll keep at it and hope I find the computer for me. :)
  6. You could also put the video card on eBay, sell it for 10% less then you paid and then get what you need.
  7. I do eBay (that's where I got the card), but can't sell (no credit card).

    I'll most likely order that asrock DDR/DDR2 AGP/PCI-E board along with an x2 4200 and some memory, then go buy a case & psu locally... and make the best of my situation
  8. Sounds like a plan!

    That'll also let you upgrade your graphics card later, or whatever else you choose. Good call.

    I've decided to just make it myself, using the x800gto I've already got, the above suggested ASRock motherboard (already purchased, and being shipped), and am buying the Case/PSU/CPU/RAM at a local store called SLACO COMPUTER.

    Already Acquired
    ATi Saphire x800gto

    Being Shipped
    ASRock ATX LGA775 Conroe PT800 Ultra
    (with DDR/DDR2 & AGP-8X/PCI-E)

    Pentium D 820

    InWin C583T Case w/ 120mm Case Fan

    1GB PC5400 DDR2 RAM (667MHZ)

    pretax TOTAL: $276.80

    (Less than $315.00 w/tax)

    $276.80 is the total cost in Canadian dollars of the components purchased locally. The MotherBoard and Video card that I've purchased online totaled approximately $200. I'll be using 2 of my spare hard drives that have just been sitting around collecting dust.

    $276.80 Canadian = $238.97 USD

    A few upgrades I may do in the near future:
    +1GB PC5400 DDR2 RAM
    (bringing total to 2GB)

    +$200-$300 PCI-E Video card
    (If: I start using more demanding games or software than I do now)

    Any opinions?
  10. Looks good. Just one thing to keep in mind: Depending what graphics card you end up going with, you NEED to ensure your power supply will be adequate. You may not be able to upgrade your card unless you also upgrade your PSU. So keep that in mind, very important. So then it depends on budget.

    Also, make sure that mobo can take both DDR and DDR2 at the same time like you've shown. I know it can can DDR and DDR2, but check to make sure at the same time.
  11. Is there any reason it has to use both at the same time?

    I was planning on just using DDR2 :)
  12. That is a good thing, most of the dual memory MB I have seen only allow one type to be used at one time, great for people upgrating a piece at a time.
  13. I wasn't sure if you were planning on poaching your old RAM, that's why I mentioned it. If you're going with all DDR2 then you're fine.
  14. Yeah normally when I get a new comp I poach as much as I can, but this time around I plan on using my current computer as a secondary computer once the new ones up and running :)
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