Hiding Removable Drives under a RAID 0 configuration

I have two 250 Gb SATA hard drives that are set up to be one drive in XP using a RAID 0 configuration. The only thing is that the underlying Maxtor drives show up as removable devices in the Windows XP tray and I'd rather they didn't. Is there a way of making them not appear as removable devices here? I'm afraid to see what will happen if I actually click on one of them...
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  1. Right Click on My Computer | Left Click on Manage | Left Click on Disk Management.

    What info is there?
  2. It shows the RAID array as drive D: but not the individual drives underneath it.
  3. What I was told about this is, because your sata drives are hot swappable they show up in your tray.

    If there is a work around for this I don't know.
  4. You'd have to find a registry hack I believe that would hide the drives in the system tray.

    You can search google for something like: hot swap hide icons system tray windows xp
  5. On a side note, go into Taskbar Properties, Customize, select Always Hide.
  6. An interesting and easy work around. Thanks.
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