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I'm in the process of reinstalling Win XP Pro on a work laptop and I am trying to keep the existing software. THe user doesn't have the install CD's for his software. Is it possible to make some sort of install files for the current software? I'm not sure exactly what programs he wants to keep but I'm jsut trying to figure out if this is at all possible. Mucho thanks!
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  1. Either repair his current installation or install over the current installation and you'll keep the currently installed programs. If you reformat you'll lose it all. I'd opt for the repair first and see how it goes.
  2. Ahh that makes sense. But I want to reformat because the computer is riddled with spyware and viruses. Will this remove those? Or do I need to reformat??

  3. If you can get the desktop, go to Trend-Micro and have them clean up most if not all the viruses with their free scan.

    Then go to work on the spyware with MS AntiSpyware and Ad-Aware.

    Reformatting does not get rid of all viruses. Since he doesn't have the app discs, go to work on cleaning up the laptop.
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