Glitchy Interface card's fault?

Ok, so I've just recently started getting this problem with how my graphics are looking, and it's getting VERY annoying. My guess is it has to be hardware problems, as I reformatted and the problem persisted. What it is is like.. small pixels in the bootup will get "burnt" certain colors and stay for awhile until things boot up, in which they still sometimes stay depending on what application I slide over it for them to disappear. Then in games, typically during the intro where you have the black screens, it'll show up then a lot too. But NOW the situation has dragged on much deeper. Now when playing games, there'd be like a complete bar in the middle of the screen or a few scattered during cutscenes of just bright pink and green noise and trashed pixels. THEN it's doing the whole certain parts of models are stretched VERY far, such as a person's jaw would jut out across the entire map and go through any other texture. I have a picture if that's not a good enough description.

Anyways, I don't OC and it's still a new card (7900GT), and there's been nothing happening in there in awhile, so I have no idea what it could be. I was actually wondering if it might be the motherboard, as it DOES have that pixel problem in the bootup on the BIOS screen, and as far as I know, graphics cards don't work then. But the whole parts of models spanning across maps doesn't sound like mobo damage. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, and I've realized it's just recently started happening ever since I split one of my partitions up using Acron Suite. Any chance that's it?
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  1. Listing your computers hardware specifcations will help you get a faster solution
  2. AMD 3800+ x64
    nVidia 7900GT (256mb)

    From there it's just a few minor things like 2 GB RAM, sound card, etc..

    Can't say I remember what the hdd was, I'll look more into the model and all when I have a second (not a good time atm), but it's just a 250GB@7200rpm.

    I'm not TOO worried about it if it's something cheaper like the mobo, as I'm about to sell everything as is and am completely upgrading either Intel's pricedrop or AMD's Altair/Barcelona release. But I'd rather know what piece is the disfunctional one.

    Oh, and I'm using XP Home, and split a partition to 50GB while the main partition had already been formatted. I wanted to make a quick partition for Vista just for the fun of having it, and it MAY have all been caused from splitting the partition. No clue yet, but it was about that time...
  3. You have to list your PSU and also what temprature reading are you getting on your graphics card .

    You can download NTUNE from This will monitor your temps
  4. The PSU is a Xion LC-B450E

    As for temperatures:

    CPU: 43*
    System: 38*
    GPU: 55*

  5. Quote:
    So it's a 450W PSU?

    How many amps are listed on the +12v rail(s)?

    If it's not showing more then about 24A then your PSU in underpowering the system. Xion dosn't make very goo PSUs to start with so i think that would be your problem.

    Got any horror stories on how much the amps could differ on 2 xxxW PSUs from different manufacurers? =)
    A friend bought me a new PSU when my old one died, i had a 450W but apparently the 375w he gave me was of a better brand and did the job, hehe.
  6. hah... 18A xD

    wow.. that's great stuff. Ya, I just went along with it because it came with the case, but on second thought, I guess my next rig'll have to be a nice brand w/ some decent amps...

    Well it seems liek when I let my system cool the other day by shutting it down (I typically never shut it down) for an hour, and turned it back on, I did'nt have the static pixel problem. Though it DOES seem like the gpu is performing much worse than it normally has done, and still produces stretched parts of models in higher graphics configurations and worse framerate. Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but it does definitely seem worse. But I'm not TOO worried, for as soon as pcie 2.0 comes out, and Inte'ls price drop, and AMD/ATI cards arrive, and if all else fails, the Altair/Barcelona release, I'll get a complete new system including a new psu and just sell my current rig before too many of these big things come out.

    Thanks again for all the help.

    EDIT: On a side note..

    I went through your PSU articles in your sig mpilchfamily, and might I say.. very nice guide ;D. I won't make the same mistake again. But I was wondering just a few more things. It seems most of the brands you listed have "cool" in their name, so I'm guessing one of the major traits to look for in a PSU is one that runs cool. At least, I'm expecting on OCing my ram, gpu, and cpu, so I'm sure getting as cool one as possible is a good idea. But should I really worry about this TOO much, as in, would a heat difference be noticeable so much? And lastly, I was concerned about how many amps should be recommended ROUGHLY if running about 2-4GB of ram, an Intel quad-core (prolly the QXC700 or w/e it's called), and a DX10 card. More details depending on what comes out by ATIi. I know that the dx10 cards themselves will eat a LOT of current, as well as a quad-core processor, but would say.. 50-60A work? Thanks again for all your help!
  7. thanks for the info. I'll start keeping an eye out for some quality psu's that'll be good enough to work for my next rig, and put it in my current rig, and keep the extra PSU until I sell my current setup, and put it back in. Let someone else suffer the power of the psu.
  8. ok, somewhat expired bump here :D

    I haven't had the $ to get a new psu yet, as I have other priorities and college junk to take care of first. Anyways, I've gone a bit further and tried other games (CnC:3 and Test Drive Unlimited). As before, it plays absolutely terrible, and the lowest settings of CnC are OK, Test Drive is a COMPLETELY different story. It's very skippy and jumpy in every way, but the really annoying thing is that hte models are very screwy. For example, the camera jumps alot from being really shifty, but most noticeable are random tweaks such as car doors opening and closing extremely quickly when looking at a car, and windows going u pand down. Like, open/close 5 times a second, and all of the models just go absolutely haywire. Now then, the REASON I bring this up again, as I'm pretty sure it's the PSU, but whenever I try taking a video via FRAPS, the game stops skipping and will play smoother. That.. sounds liek a paradox to me.. running smoother and not a single skip when video-taping? It stil doesn't run too well, but 100 times better. I'd tr and get a video to show.. but fraps seems to make the computer smoother, but I'll try something else.. Iono, does this still sound like a PSU problem?

  9. haha, thanks again. I'll give a response later after I put a new psu in. Sad that I was planning on selling this rig later this month, but don't want to screw th next owner in too much w/ this psu, so will probably just have to install a new and sell the old one separately, or use it for something else. Oh well. Thanks :D
  10. Update: Ok so I went and took a benchmark of assurance. I figured it was kind of weird that I never had a problem with this small amount of power going through it before, so the chances of a gpu/cpu problem are just as good as the psu. As mentioned, I'll still get a psu whenever I get the chance, but I still am running short on time. So anyways.. here's the specs that I got when I ran the benchmark, that CLEARLY show that... there's something terribly wrong xD. It was running 6K+ earlier.. so it has dropped signifcantly.

    I also have the Benchmark Explorer that has much more indepth specs if anyone is really interested in looking at them, though I doubt you are xD.
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