I have really screw up all of my hard drives file system

I have 3 hard drives.
2nd hard drive is an MP3 drive
Partition hard drive 1 with suse with windows. didnt work so well so i started formating the drive with a fresh windows

after all set and down. HD 2 mp3 files are ALL jumbo up. if i click on LOL1 mp3 file, it will actually play random song within the whole drive like LOL 15 mp3 file. the whole entire thing is mess up! How can I fix this!??!! 5 years of collecting is in here.

EDIT: Okay. Its not just HD # 2 but also #3. Is there any way I can fix this problem? Its not just MP3, But every other files like movies and pics
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  1. Sounds like the file allocation table is screwed up.
    If you reformatted The drives I'm surprised that you can access the files at all.

    Somebody here might come up with a solution, but I doubt it seriously. There are companies that do file recovery but I don't know how expensive it would be.

    Good luck
  2. All you had to do was boot up with a 98 boot disk, and delete JUST the suse partition with fdisk. Then reclaim the space in Disk Management, making another XP partition.

    If drives #2 & #3 were always storage, AND your formatting had nothing to do with them, they should be alright.

    Try this. Boot up with a 98 boot floppy. Using fdisk (always say yes to large drive support), delete ALL partitions on the #1 drive. That would be the one that you formatted. Do a Display first to see what's hooked up, and where.

    FAT 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pop in your XP cd, and reinstall XP on the #1 drive, formatting it during the install process. I suggest NTFS long format.
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