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I bought an 8800gtx about 3 weeks ago. my question is: how do they know when you bought the card? do you have to proove the date that you bought it seeing as they say up to 90 days after purchase. do i need to register the card asap?

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  1. Keep your reciept....
  2. Go to the EVGA website...all the details are there. Quick info...

    1. You have to fax or scan and email your receipt in which proves how much you paid for your video card.

    2. You then pay for the difference once your step up is approved.

    3. You then ship your card to them and they ship your stepup once they receive your card.

    4. Total turn around is about a week or two once your approved and the card is in stock.
  3. How do they know if you used a rebate or not?
  4. Rebate is mentioned on the receipt, :roll:
  5. Not mine, it was bought from Frys Outpost
  6. Call them up and ask them , tell them why you need the information and i am pretty sure they will print you a receipt or find a solution .

  7. The Step-up program is only valid if you purchased the Video Card through select Retail stores. But hey man if your really interested in this you (really) need to jump over to the EVGA website and read all about it rather than wait hours/days for people to do the research for you and post a response. Know what I'm saying?
  8. As I just bought myself an EVGA card I can say one thing I noticed. Newegg was offering a 30 dollar mail in rebate, no mention of this on my reciept, but it requires you to send in the UPC as proof along with the reciept. This is normal for most mail in rebates. If you read the terms of the step up program, the original packaging for the card must be returned with the card. If the packaging is missing or damaged they'll reduce the value of the trade in card by 15%, which on a $570 card, comes out to be about 86 dollars. Hmm, $30 mail in rebate or $86 less on the step up, I think I'll skip this mail in rebate.
  9. dude you will have to register your card with EVGA at there website in 30 days. and for step up program you will need to send your recepit.
  10. I don't think that card is gonna have to "step up" for a long while

    *very jealous*
  11. man with all the bug and lack of driver support.. I WANT TO STEP DOWN AND GET SOME MONEY BACK.. :cry:
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