What saoftware ls most expensive in the world?

What NON Server software is most expensive in the world, would like to know top 10 :)
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  1. Any custom software that is large and complex and used on only one computer.
    However if you are talking about off the shelf software I've just ordered 5 copied of Wise Package Studio Suite at just over £5,000 a copy for work.
  2. well for "custom" software i think it would be the software that microsoft made in conjunction with vairous police departments to aide in the caputre of pedophiles i think the liscnce is around 4 mill US.

    but for commercial software i think Maya is up there around $11 000 i think.
  3. Just When You Thought Commercial Software Could Get Anymore Expensive.....Think AGAIN!

    I`ve seen commercial software go up to +700k but they`re mostly game engine SDKs

    0. The Windows Vista Source (NAW I`M KIDDING) OVER A BILLION $$

    Here`s The Real List
    Unreal Engine
    3 -- $750,000 (For 1 Platform) + $100k (For Every Other Platform)

    Renderware SDK-- $200,000

    Source Engine ??? Estimated over $200k+

    CryENGINE ??? Estimated Over $200k+

    I know there`s more but I`ll update you when I find more....

    AND MAYA 7.5 IS only $8000 but with TAX Probably around there.........
  4. odd thread
  5. What about "end user" applications not source code or sdk, what would be the top 5 or 10?
  6. How about some windows PE?! :twisted:
  7. Softimage Face robot is $94,995, its a high end facial animation software.
    But you can get softimage XSI foundation for $495 thats really cheap for a leading 3D animation package it might have a few features taken out but you still get Mental ray rendering.
    But this thread is a bit pointless I dont have $495 yet for XSI let alone $94,995
  8. It's hard to define end user. Any scientific software fall in the very expensive also (Matlab, CFD software etc). Also CAD design (ProE, Catia ...) softwares are quite expensive. I have no numbers because i never had to budget any of them myself.

    The most expensive I heard was a license for VxWorks which ran around 200 000$.
  9. The most expensive commercial software:
    Autodesk Inferno graphics system- $600,000~1,000,000
  10. Im thinking the software used for genome sequencing but Im not sure there is a lot of end users.
    Possibly at C.E.R.N.
    They say that atom smashing is pretty computer intensive.

    Can I ask why you ask that question?
  11. 6 years ago I read on and found there http ://s hopper.cnet. com software up to $4.5 million but now no longer exists, the name of this software has letter "ATM", I do not remember full name of it.
  12. I like this thread.

    Really tickles my sense of curiosity.

    I wonder if there are any torrents out there?... I wanna see what hundreds of thousands of dollars gives you in one piece of software.

    I would expect it make a cup of coffee or at least type for me.

    Joking about the torrent, I doubt whether my crappy old dual core could handle any of this stuff.
  13. Its Catia (CAD software) with all modules....1 million euro !
  14. I think the software is used at NASA and C.E.R.N the most expensive
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