How can i do a clean install of Win XP PRO SP2 ? .... ==>

i want to perform a clean install of Win XP PRO SP2 but without formatting the hdd or repairing this one and i want to KEEP my documents on the hdd without having to backup them on disks ... i wonder how can i do it with tools like Total Commander or Dos Navigator ..... is there a posibility ?? and i have the Win XP PRO SP2 CD with boot .... from here i can handle it but i want to delete the widows files from dos and leave my documents on hdd ..... PLEASE HELP !!! THANKS ALL :!: 8) :wink:
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  1. You can only get away with that, in theory, if you've done partitions.

    In other words, your "stuff" is on a drive letter other than "C".

    You pop in the XP and do a "clean" install over the existing. DO NOT DO A "REPAIR" INSTALL.

    I recommend you do a long NTFS format.
  2. i want to do a clean install because i will buy a new computer without HDD dvd rw tv tunner ..... and i don't want to repair the install for the new computer because i will buy NForce 4 Ultra and now i have drivers installed for my old SiS mobo ... that has sis chipset and CMedia sound and sis LAN etc.... so u say that i should do a partition and move all my stuff there and then format the C partition that has Win XP installed and then install win xp as normally with boot CD on C ?? That sound like it will work !! :wink:
  3. Yes, do a storage partition if you can, to move all your stuff to it. If your CD-Rom drive has letter D now, change that first to M (or whatever you want), before you make the new partition.

    Do you have "unpartitioned" space on your hd to do this?

    If not, you will need a utility like Partition Magic to roll some of the "C" drive back to give you the space, then you can create the partition in Disk Management.

    You don't have to format the old "C" drive before you initiate the install.

    When you are ready to do the install, just have the XP cd write over the existing Windows installation - a fresh (clean) install. If you get the option to format at that time; I would do a long NTFS. Otherwise, just install XP new.
  4. i don't have any partition now ... i just have 1 x 160 gb and i will do a partition ( D ) for all my stuff then i will install windows on C and on D i will store my stuff . Do you have any suggestions for me how much space i will allocate on C and on D :?:
  5. 30-40g for "C"
  6. thanks for the advices !!! it's good to know them :wink:
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