Does any ATI card vendor have a step-up program?

Similar to EVGA's for nVidia based cards? I guess it would be way too much to hope that somebody offered that who sells both ATI and nVidia like Asus would have that type of program, which would make wondering about R600 vs G80/G81/G90 performance less worrisome.

Not that I am 100% convinced the X2900XTX or whatever they're calling it this week will actually appear within the 90 day limit, but maybe the 8900GTXs will at least.
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  1. No
  2. Quote:

    Figured as much. Thanks anyway.
  3. Not really the same, and not worth it, even if you send them an old Riva, Xabre, Rage, or whatever. (old card doesn't even have to be ATi)

    Also you have to buy from the ATiStore which has terrible selection and pricing nowadays. Was great back in the day.

    Very little in return, and a pain, the fine print is killer.
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