Adjusting NIC properties in Device Manager

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice on adjusting my NIC card properties within the Device Manager in Windows. I confess that I don't know much about what these settings do, so I didn't want to start changing them without consulting others who might be able to inform me a bit.

I'm trying to optimize my connection speed/performance for online gaming and was wondering if adjusting any of these settings would help.

Thanks for any useful advice.
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  1. To be honest there is very little you can tweak on your network settings to improve online gaming. XP does a good job already.

    Are you having specific problems ?

    You could create a new profile for online gaming which disables lots of services you don't need when gaming. This will free your computer resources (CPU and memory) up a little.

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  2. Hubbardt, thanks for responding. I'm simply trying to figure out how I can overcome some lag issues in Battlefield 2142. It might very well be just the game, as I've tried isolating everything I can think of. I have a fast cable modem connection, reasonably powerful PC, it doesn't appear to be my router, yet I still have tons of lag in the game, even when playing on the fastest servers I can find.
  3. I feel your pain. I had similar issues with another game a while back and one day the lag just disappeared 8O

    Here's a tweaking guide but I'm sure you've already tried most of it:
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    Is it only BF 2142 that lags ?
    Have you tried setting the resolution and detail down just to be sure it's not a performance issue ?
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