Asus Striker Extreme - no overclocking

I'm looking to buy a Asus Striker Extreme but I do not plan to overclock it. I just want a solid quality board. Am I wasting my money?

My other planed Periferals are:

2gb corsair XMS memory
E6700 CPU
Gforce 8800 GTS
WD Caviar SE16 HDD
Onboard sound

I plan to spend less then $1300 on the computer itself

Any input would be appreciated
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  1. IMO, yes.
  2. just as well because u cant overclock it anyway
  3. Yes, because Asus sells the same board with eSATA, internal power/reset buttons, and the back panel diagnostics display REMOVED for around $150 less. Look at the Asus site for the TWO 680i boards that use the same circuit board.
  4. thanks guys, It does fit in the rediculously expensive mobo category. The other board I was looking at was the Commando, but I've been hearing some bad things, such as loud transistors and such. No big deal. I am coming off a P4T in an 2000 HP and a A7N8X in a 2003 home built. They are both super solid machines, even still today. So I can't help being a Asus fan :)
  5. Quote:
    just as well because u cant overclock it anyway

    Huh? :roll:
  6. The 'much' cheaper asus board is the P5N32-E SLI dont go for the plus version of this board as apparently its a hybrid of a 570 chipset and something else.

    I got the P5N32-E SLI but it was faulty and i sent it back for replacement, so cant really comment on it....yet :). Only issue i had with it is that you need to connect the SATA cables to the board before installing it in the case as theyre in the most absolutely stupidest position.

    The board got great reviews, it wont overclock as high as the eVGA 680 board( difference is marginal ) but as you dont want to overclock anyway....
  7. By 'plus' do you mean 'Deluxe'? I couldn't find a plus version, but then I hope that Asus's mobos work better then their website has for the last 24 hours :( The main thing I trying to keep in mind is stability, performance, and processor upgradability. Overclocking is not on my short list. It is easy for me to buy the best board I can find, money is only a small part of the issue here, for time [research] is money. Agian, thank you for your appreciated help!
  8. Ok, it is me that has a reading problem or Asus with a writing problem: the link finally opened to the mobo list and the 'deluxe' in the first list was nowhere to be found and the 'plus' was poking me in the eyeball. There is also an extreme with a few gimmicks, namely quad SLI. Quad SLI!?! Yeah, i can wait to jump on that buggy band wagon!
  9. Just make sure you check which chipset it uses first, as Imimmfn mentioned some of them are kooky 570 / 590 hybrids 8)
  10. so if we are not plan OC, which board should be the best?

  11. well if cash wasnt an issue for me id get an eVGA 680i or a Striker, as id prefer to spend the difference on other good components ive gone for the Asus P5N32-SLI personally, as theyre much the same as theyre all based on the 680 reference design, all i can see different is the striker includes mobo debugging LED and the eVGA has lights for that , the P5N32-E SLI doesnt have either
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