Brand New Sony PlayStation 3 60GB Premium PS3 Sealed for $25

Go push this crap on some other forum.
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  1. Um, what? The fact that the president of this company cant even spell deal "deals" is a little alarming to me. :roll:
  2. But he's Alimosho... he's the President!
    Yeah right :roll:
  3. little concerning this. the second one in about a week the last one advertised a super gaming rig that was rediculously expensive.
  4. dont trust nigerian scammers, their notorious for their many failures on ebay and other sites. anyway there pretty stupid, from what I know, only nigerian migrants in us and europe fall for their scams, because they want to buy from their "countrymen"... whateva...
  5. Yet another attempt of the Nigerians trying to scam money off of unsuspecting people. First it was the "please hold my millions for a little while, btw.... what is your bank account and routing number(along with other vitals)?" Now it's this crap. Get a life clown.... and at least be smart about it, we know what kind of business deals come out of Nigeria.... the kind where you get money, and give nothing in return.

  6. Damn ppl Cant a Nigerian make a honest days living with out you guys flammin... sheesh.
  7. I guess it's too expensive to get a hosted site with its own email accounts? :? I mean come on, yahoo?
  8. Nigerian or not...

  9. GET THE F### OFF THIS FORUM.THIS IS SPAM!!!!!!! Any one REPORT hem yet?
  10. [ummmm.....rolling for this on a D20]

    I DISBELIEVE!!!!!! I don't believe the following things about the OP:

    I don't believe Alimosho is Nigerian!
    I don't believe Alimosho is in Nigeria!
    I don't believe Alimosho is a president!
    I don't believe Alimosho should be allowed to have an account here!
    I don't believe Alimosho breathes air through his nose!
    I don't believe Alimosho knows what a star bellied sneetch is!
    I don't believe Alimosho has any cell phones or console games!
    I don't believe Alimosho has a rectal sphincter!
    I don't believe Alimosho sent the original post!
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