E6600 - Another'whats my true temp/hows my overclock' thread

:oops: :D

Harro, my first post, although I've been lurking a while now. Ok, so I've read through the temp guide 3 or 4 times now and I'm still a little confused by it (I'll read it another 3 or 4 times later!). Chiefly confused by TJunctions and what-not :oops:

Can somebody help me figure out what my true temps are (or point me to the relevant section of temp guide that I should be looking at). I think this is all the info needed?:

TAT = Idle;32 Load;60
SpeedFan = Idle;28 Load;56
Core Temp = Idle;32 Load;61

Ambient = 24c @ first boot, 32c after a few hours
Chipset = i975x
C2D = E660
CPU Cooler = Ninja Scythe Rev B. (fan not installed)
Frequency = 3.0Ghz
Load = 15 minutes of TAT @ 100%
Motherboard = P5W DH Deluxe
Vcore = 1.216v

Lee :)
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  1. Your ambient makes no sense, and you haven't provided Tcase. Try again.

    Comp 8)
  2. I misunderstood ambient :oops: temp in room is 19-20 and as for Tcase, not sure which value this is?!
  3. Quote:

    ...The single CPU Thermal Case sensor is how Tcase is measured, and is the CPU temperature displayed in BIOS, Motherboard Utilities, and SpeedFan: CPU or Temp X.


    Tcase (Motherboard Utilities) = 30c Idle, 50c Load (SpeedFan: CPU or Temp X)
    Tjunction (TAT) Hottest Core = 45c Idle, 65c Load (SpeedFan: Core 0 / Core 1)


    (A) Tcase = SpeedFan: CPU or Temp X.

    (B) SpeedFan: Temp 1, 2 or 3 = Temp X.

    (C) Tjunction = SpeedFan: Core 0 / Core 1.
  4. Thanks for pointing those bits out for me :)

    Well, I've upped some images as it's easier.

    This is my computer at idle:


    And this is a screenshot after 10 minutes of TAT @ 100% load:


    Ambient temperature is 18-19c
    Case is Thermaltake Mozart TX
    CPU Cooler is Scythe Ninja RevB (without fan)
    OS is Windows XP Pro SP2

    Are these temps fine for the overclock I have?
    Also, are these the true temps, or will I have to adjust them in speedfan? :? :oops:

    thanks for your help 8)
  5. Tcase (CPU) is offset by +5c, so use the "Offsets" section of the Guide to configure a compensating -5c correction. Your temps are high for low Vcore on a high end cooler. The Idle to Load Delta of ~30 is is outside the 25 spec, which typically indicates inadequate computer case cooling, an improperly seated CPU cooler, or a concave Integrated Heat Spreader / CPU heat sinc. Did you test with all fans at 100%?

    Comp 8)
  6. Yes, all fans (5x12cm fans) are functioning - 2 incoming and 3 exit fans (see pic)


    There are no airflow issues either as there are no cables obstructing airflow and there is around 10cm clearance at the back of the PC. Would the fact I have such a large cooler on a vertically mounted motherboard have something to do with it i.e poor cpu/heatsink contact do you think?

    Thanks again for the help 8)
  7. Your configuration is fine. The remaining factor is your fanless CPU cooling solution. At the current OC, your temps are appropriate and well within norms.

    Hope this helps, and enjoy your rig.

    Comp 8)
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