Building a new computer; advice needed!

Hey people; as the title suggests, I am currently in the process of deciding on which parts to include in my new (I believe "rig" is the term?) -- but anyway, I have a bit of trouble deciding on a few things.
This is far from the first computer I've built, but it will certainly be the most expensive --- and if I had asked myself these questions 3 years ago, I would probably have laughed at my ignorance.

Anyhow, I haven't kept up with the computer industry for years and haven't bought a component since I went 64-bit - but this is what I have so far:

Case: Silverstone TEMJIN TJ09S
PSU: Sea Sonic S12-600
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 5000+
Graphics: Club 3D 8800GTS

For HD I will be using an old 250 GB Hitachi (I think :) ) while I keep an eye on the market and wont be upgrading it at this point; and optical drives are of little concern. I also have an old Creative Soundblaster Audigy for sound that will suit my needs nicely.

Now, obviously something is missing and this is where I will need some help. When it comes to motherboards, I have no idea what chips/producers/etc. etc. are good and there are so many choices!!

So, I ask of you... what motherboard (and ram, though those are less of an issue) should I get for my shiny new computer?
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  1. For RAM you want some good DDR2-800, not cheap and not the super o/c either.
    motherboards, as you probably know there are many. First get one for your CPU, hopefully AM2 socket. Then what features do you need? no graphics, no sound (hard to find, just turn off the onboard stuff. Firewire, how many PATA devices do you have, thing like that.
    Should be able to put together a real nice RIG
  2. Yeah, going 2GB DDE2-800 I think, probably upgrade to 4 at some point in the future when I can afford it ;)

    Not sure about the type, but I was thinking Kingston ValueRAM 2 x 1 GB which aren't terribly expensive.

    And obviously the motherboard is the large issue here, again because there are such a bloody lot of choices out there. I dont really need alot of features though; mainly I am going for stability and speed although I have no idea what to look for even when deciding this aim :)

    I am currently using only one DVD drive and one ATA-100 HD - and I need to have room for at least a few more; although I am not certain if the new HD's use SATA? (haven't been keeping up to date). Also, I am not using floppy disks.

    Stability and price/performance is key really :)
  3. I take it no one has any input here?.. no favorite AM2 motherboards with an ATI chip to recommend? :)
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