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I've seen some torrents on the internet that claim to have "Windows XP Pro + SP3 + Extras". Ive seen some other torrents which claim to have SP3. Any info on this?


Note to all Linux groupies: Nothing against Linux. I love Linux. M$ sucks. Yet somehow, linux fails to even install itself on my new computer, i guess its something to do with drivers or something, it just crashes during the installation. Windows XP Pro, however doesnt. God knows.
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  1. This what your looking for?

    Seems that this new "service pack" is just a collection of all available hotfixes in to one installable pack.
  2. More info for you:

    including a response from a Mike Brannigan [Microsoft]
    You would be well advised to stay clear of this FAKE SP3 package.
    It is NOT suitable for testing as it is NOT SP3.

    If is just a collection of hotfixes and other updates we have released. It
    will not update your Windows XP system to SP3
    It also contains a number of private " hotfixes that are usually only issued
    to users with a specific identifiable problem. The hotfixes are not as
    rigorously tested at public released ones this is why we ask you to call PSS
    to get them so we can track you and provide further assistance such as new
    versions of the fixes etc as they become available. Just installing all the
    "privates" on your PC may make you machine LESS stable and will also put you
    out of support from Microsoft or an OEM as you are installing incorrectly
    issued private hotfixes.

    Frankly this "package" should be avoid and you should continue to use
    Windows Update and the download site to get the most up-to-date and
    correctly issued Microsoft fixes and patches.

    Anyone who installs this thinking they are getting SP3 (even as a preview)
    is being grossly mislead and is posing a significant potentially non
    recoverable risk to their PC and data.
  3. Thanks.. Well... Not like I get much support from Microsoft anyways :P Not like I want it..
  4. SP3 crashed my PCMCIA sound cards including "Audigy 2 ZS" and "Indigo IO" on my Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook. Uninsatlled it and everything works again.
  5. @middeneast

    Even the legitimate SP3 from MSFT has left some with post problems, why would anyone want to install a third partys rendition and tampered with version of SP3?

    And suggest here to others they follow your same action, why not just take your computer outside and give it to the neighborhood kids to play with, make sure you give them your passwords too, forget that, they already have them.
  6. I found genuine Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP3 for only $104.99 and free shipping here:

    I got my copy! It was fast shipping and came with a genuine disk and genuine COA. Can't beat this deal!
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