X6DVL-G No Video - Help!

One day the server booted up, and there was no video. Worked perfect the day before.

Since this happened I have:

Replaced the Motherboard
Replaced the HD controller card/RAID Controller
Replaced the RAM
Swapped RAM sticks around in every possible combination
Replaced the video card
Removed all cards including the network card.

I dont get any beeps other than the beep at startup, and it is just one.

There is no display, so I cant even check the bios... nothing.
There is no signal to the monitor (s) which I have used 3 different.

At this point, I have almost bought enough parts to completely build a second server.

I guess my only other option here is a new Power Supply... but could that really be it?

UHG! Someone help!
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  1. It is not the power supply. I replaced that yesterday.

    I also pulled a processor to see if maybe a bad one was doing this.

    You know... anyone?

    I thought this was a tech help board. Is there nobody out here that has any suggestions?
  2. Just in case any other poor soul has this issue... I am going to post the solution for mine. Maybe then you wont have to spend 4 weeks and $700 trying to figure it out.

    The processor was faulty in slot one. I pulled the processor in slot 2.... same issue, so I swapped the CPU I pulled with the one in slot one... the video then displayed.

    So if this issue ever happens to you, try putting a new CPU in slot one, even if you have to pull it from slot 2
  3. Well I read it and I hate to say but as 'processor' was not listed in your first post that was my first thought. Unfortunately I only read this thread today and you have found and fixed it already.

    Well done on that trace anyway.

  4. Thanks for the reply... I just tried it on a fluke.
    I am relieved, but poorer for all of this...lol
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