windows me will not install

I partitioned my 10gb drive with fdisk into 2 partitions.I created both primary partition and the logical drive in the extended partition.I formatted both drives.After installing Windows 98 in the primary partition,I attempted to install Windows ME in the other partition.It keep cuting out because it couldn't upgrade from windows 98. The error said I also needed to get the Windows ME installation upgrade, yet this is the same cd i used to do a clean install before.
How can I slove this problem?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. ME works much better installed on top of 98.

    Install 98 on the other partition as well, and then try the ME install again over the top of the 98.
  2. that didn't work however i figured out the problem. It was that I used a windows ME which had the cd code in the installation cd itself.So there was no auto installation. Therefore the setup files were not being read properly.Only a clean install can be perform with that cd.

    thanks for the help though. :)
  3. Why for the love of all things rational would you want to install Windows 98 AND Windows ME? Stick with 98SE and you'll be much happier. If you want something a little more advanced, get Win 2K or XP.

    Dual-booting 98 and ME makes baby Jesus cry.
  4. i was working on a old system..i have xp installed in the system that i am writing this.i am going to do the A+ exam soon , so i am practicing on the old that's 8)
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