please tell me ur recommention anti-virus..

please tell me ur recommention anti-virus..
thank you
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  1. i cant give recomendations, but i hear great things bout kaspersky and AVG, personally i use symantec antivirus corporate - network installs (thats why i use it) and i came from norton antivirus and that was insanly heavy, same with pandasoft (lighter, longer loading time)
  2. Avast! [/reccomendation]
  3. Quote:
    Avast! [/reccomendation]

    I use Avast too. Price is right and it works great.
  4. Quote:
    please tell me ur recommention anti-virus..
    thank you

    ITS FREE and very good
  5. I've found the AV and spyware software to be unnecessary after service pack 2, zone alarm firewall, and switching to Mozilla. I've been bug free now for over a year under constant broadband connection.
  6. Pretty much in the same boat here.

    I use a router with the basic security settings turned on. Update security settings in IE so it doesnt autodownload anything. Use my brain about just saying 'yes' to any old popup that shows up, or just downloading whatever from any ole site -- namely DONT.

    no anti-spyware needed. no AV software needed.
    and no viruses either
  7. I have come to like Avast too
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