please tell me ur recommention anti-virus..

please tell me ur recommention anti-virus..
thank you
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  1. Avast anti virus is great. Downloaded it recently since my Norton subscription is ending. It does not hog system resources like Norton and the price is great!
    Free for home non commercial use.
    It is the best antivirus out. period. end of story. No others compare with it.

    there is a free demo.

    go read some reviews online.
  3. look at my thread here:

    ...and just guess which one i recommend
  4. I use Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition from over a year and I'm not dissapointed. NOD 32 and Avast are good, but from my experience, I recommend Symantec (maybe others won't agree my point of view, but that's my opinion).
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